Weigh-In and Warcraft


Last Week’s Weight: 130.6

Today’s Weight: 127.2

Loss/Gain: 3.2 pounds

This Week’s Exercise Schedule:

07/02: 7-mile run/walk + 20-minute weightlifting session
07/03: Yoga
07/04: 5-mile walk + 40-minute weightlifting session
07/05: 7-mile walk/run
07/06: 2-mile walk, 1-hour weightlifting session, 20-minute arc trainer session, 10-minute rowing machine session
07/07: 7-mile run/walk
07/08: 45-minute aerobic tape

Huzzah, right in the middle of my maintenance range! Poifect, and not too shabby considering I spent most of my week sitting on my ass, mourning the loss of this week’s pay check. It was nice to do a bit of a sugar-detox, too, even though I only made it until Wednesday sans dessert. I broke upon sighting the Dairy Queen (hey, I hadn’t had my annual “IT’S SUMMER” Blizzard, yet. Although, I’m not sure the Blizzard was the best treat to break the detox with: I remember them as being really tasty, and although the ingredients in my Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard [Pecan and brownie pieces with vanilla soft serve] were fresher than one of those feisty, up-and-coming rappers I can never understand, the ice cream itself just tasted like … cold. Seriously, no flavor to it whatsover. Has anyone else had this happen?).

In other news, my week off spurred to do two things, one of which was productive, one of which was not:

1) I got a new job! Not one to replace my radio job, unfortunately, which I have to do tomorrow and have built WAY UP IN MY MIND to be horrible, but one to replace my seasonal job once it ends. Huzzah! It’s at a local coffee shop (not a chain, but a legit, “we-bake-our-own-donuts,” coffee shop), and I’m looking forward to having a job that puts me amongst people for the day. ‘Twill be good for me. And, I get to keep my cemetery job until the end of the season. HOWEVER, the coffee shop people are going to begin training me on the days I’m not working at the cemetery, so it looks like I might be working seven days a week sometimes. Ah, well, it’s only temporary.

2) I re-activated my World of Warcraft account. Derp. I started playing two (three?) years ago after my ex-fiance turned me onto it, but I quit a few months back when I found myself hating scheduled gametime* and the repetitive nature of the game. So, why did I go back? I have no idea! Mostly, I think, because I may have given up being social just a little bit in Real Life. Le sigh. ANYWAY! On a more cheerful note, if you play WoW and want to do an in-game blogger meet-up (which is way cooler than a RL blogger meet-up, PSH), then drop a comment, ja? Of course, I’m not sure how long this WoW stint will last, so … act now, I guess?

In conclusion, I leave you with a family photo:

This is a picture of my character and my mother’s when both of us were around level 50 (I’m on the right; warlock win). Aww! Memories. Also, yes, my mother and I play WoW together. Isn’t that nice?

* For those of you unfamiliar with the game, you have bring together many players (sometimes up to 40) in order to complete higher “levels” in WoW. So, if you want to complete these areas of the game, you have to sign on for scheduled “raids,” as it’s really quite difficult to just put together a random group of people at a random time.


The Return of the Calorie Count and Censoring Sex Crimes

Hey, dudes/ladies, check out this adorable-as-all-hell travel mug I bought for myself at Newbury Comics on my birthday shopping trip.

I brought it with me on my grocery shopping trip this morning, and looked classy as a mofo.At the moment, I am drinking copious amounts of green tea out of it in an attempt to flush out the massive quantities of bloat I acquired in between yesterday and today; yep, I gained 3.4 pounds overnight, and am now 130.6. Peachy, no? Of course, yesterday, I was voluntarily going to count calories beginning today, but now that I actually have to, I am like, “NOOOOOO THIS IS SO UNNATURAL, LIKE TWIMOMS, SERIOUSLY THOSE WOMEN ARE WAY TOO OLD TO LOVE ON TAYLOR LAUTNER THAT IS BORDERLINE PEDOPHILIA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Blergh. Of course, I am sure it is just water retention and that it is nigh impossible to gain that much weight overnight. Regardless, I am sorry for the mad repetitive binge-oriented posts as of late; when I get stressed out about one thing, I tend to stress out about everything else in my life, too. It is like my stress is the common cold, and “fear of the return of binge eating”-thoughts are that kid in your class who has the really bad immune system and always gets sick, and all my other thoughts are like, “Ugh why does he come to class when he is sick, vacation is coming up I hope I don’t get sick,” but they do. And, when I do get stressed out about a thing, I tend to obsesses over it and basically repeat the same thoughts on it over and over like a broken record.

Anyway, yesterday definitely was a binge. I’m not sure why I seem to have intuitive eating down on most days of the week but not on celebratory days/holidays. Maybe it’s because while I was dieting, I gave myself a pass to binge on said days? Ah, well. I guess all I can do is chalk it up to a learning experience and just be better prepared as the next holiday rolls around.

“But, Elizabeth, you said you were stressed about a thing. TELL US.”

Oh, blog readers, you’re so thoughtful/concerned! Or just vile gossip mongers, you bastards. Whatever, I’ll tell you anyway.

As some of you may know/recall, I recently started working as a radio anchor/reporter. This is (was?) a pretty cool thing as it is what I went to school for, but something happened last Saturday that has me mild to moderately concerned: Long story short, I aired a news piece I had pulled off the AP wire* that was about a Massachusetts priest who had been arrested for soliciting sex. I got hell of chewed out by my boss (“We don’t air smut,” “That’s not what our audience wants to hear,” etc.), and was informed that the stations on which I broadcast news generally avoid stories on “sex scandals, rape, [and] child pornography.”

On the one hand, I understand the our news airs on entertainment/music stations and now dedicated news stations, but on the other hand I’m troubled that we’re a) censoring content and b) grouping together stories about sex scandals and rape. It just makes me uneasy, and my job feels trivial; are we only supposed to feed people fluff?

What are your thoughts regarding stories on sex crimes? Do you expect “softer” news when you’re listening to an entertainment station rather than a station dedicated to news/talk?

* For those who are unfamiliar with how news works, many media outlets (e.g., newspapers, radio stations, etc.) use stories by the Associated Press (i.e. the AP, an extensive news agency) in their broadcasts or publications, since most news sources don’t have the resources to send their journalists all across the country. For example, the company I work for would never send a reporter all the way to the G-20 summit in Toronto, so instead we’d use a story on it by the AP for our national news segment.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Hey dudes, GUESS WHAT

I totally didn’t count calories this week! WHOAH. It was pretty odd, considering I’ve counted points/calories/some kind of numerical figure connected with the patron star of food for the past … six years? But, it was really freeing to just kind of sit down for a meal and say, “OK, what do I want?” I’m not going to lie, though; on a couple of days when I had extra chomps, I freaked and tallied by day’s intake to say where I stood. However, at the end of the week, I had no idea how much I had eaten on most days/how many “bonus” calories I had left/etc. I do still a tally bit during the day, though—that is, at meal time, I might do some quick math to make sure my lunch falls within a certain range, just so I know whether to cut back a bit later after a particularly large meal. I think this is OK, though, as there’s a difference between nitpicky/obsessive calorie counting and ensuring you’re not overeating. I have, however, set up some rules for myself, since I didn’t want intuitive eating to turn into “eat whatever I want” eating:

1) I can eat as much as I want, but I can only eat when I’m hungry.

2) I can eat whatever I want, but desserts/sweets should be saved for after dinner. (This is mostly because if I eat a sweet thang mid-day, I tend to crave sugar for the rest of the day. Or, I crave sugar AND eat copious amounts of it for the rest of the day.)

3) Large desserts (e.g., a pint and a delicious Warm Delight product)/restaurant meals that I make/purchase for myself should be limited to once a week. (This isn’t me trying to be restrictive, but rather just trying to keep myself in a position to be flexible in case I’m invited out to dinner/given a delicious baked good spontaneously/etc.)

Regardless, I was a little cautious this week with my eating … maybe a bit too cautious. Although, I always ate if I was hungry, and continued eating after finishing a meal if I wasn’t satisfied.

Last Week’s Weight: 127.2 (Yep, I was up a little bit last week after my binge, but I was OK with this, seeing as how I was still in the bottom portion of my range.)

Today’s Weight: 124

Loss/Gain: Three pounds

This Week’s Exercise Schedule:

06/11: 7-mile run/walk + 20-minute weightlifting session
06/12: Yoga
06/13: 5-mile run + 40-minute weightlifting session
06/14: 7-mile run/walk
06/15: 1-hour weightlifting session + 2-mile walk
06/16: Yoga
06/17: 45-minute aerobics tape

… derp. Dang, and I took an extra rest day this week, too! Also, I am not oblivious to the irony that when I’m not trying to lose weight, I lose copious amounts of el-bees. Jeeze. I’m not really sure what to do at this point, though; I know some people say that you can never be too rich or too thin, but when I start to drop below my range like this, it’s like there’s a little voice that goes, “Well, how thin can I get?” And, I don’t want to play that game, especially since I don’t like how I look when I start to get into my lower 120s. Also, I’d like to get back into my goal range, as otherwise I get too accustomed to being a lower weight and it’s disappointing when I get back up to a normal weight. It’s like my mind adjusts to seeing a thinner self, and any extra pounds (even when they still put me within my goal range) are, well … extra. Does that make sense?

Anyway, normally I’d go on a weight gain diet at this point (MMMMMMMM), but I don’t want to go back to calorie counting after just a week of intuitive eating. So, considering that there are several food-related events coming up (my birthday, a surprise party for a person who shall go undescribed and a week in which an aunt and her family are visiting from Texas), I think I’m just going to let things lie for the time being and worry about putting weight back on only if I find myself still below range after the aforementioned happenins’ … and quite frankly, I highly doubt I’ll have anything to worry about after the next few weeks.

Positive Reinforcement

PHEW. OK, I finally have a few moments.

Post-graduate life has been hell of busy. Shortly after starting my job at the cemetery, I began my journalism job and immediately picked up a few extra shifts. The result was working 12 days in a row, and even now I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed, having not quite gotten into the groove, yet. Anyway, I’m not really sure how I feel about my radio position, still, but that’s a post for another time.

Anyway, here’s today’s weigh-in results:

Last Week’s Weight (which I didn’t post about—oops): 126.3 (Weight Watchers Scale)/125.7 (Tanita)

Today’s Weight: 126.6 (WW)/125.8 (T)

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1,830

Funny, when I don’t eat all my calories and am very active, I actually gain a bit. Though, according to the Tanita scale, my body fat percentage went from 22.6 to 21.3, though who knows how accurate that measurement is. But, maybe the gain is from over-exercising? In addition to my regular exercise routine, I’ve been doing approximate two hours of weed-whacking a day three times a week. Hm. Not only that, but I’ve been lifting/running and I really don’t feel like I’m getting any more fit.

Regardless, I am bidding adieu to the Weight Watcher’s scale, as I am convinced that it steadily weighs you heavier than you actually are in order to convince you that you still need the help of Weight Watchers. Yes, it is a conspiracy. BUT, when I first bought the WW scale, it weighed me a pound lighter than the Tanita scale! So, how do you explain that it now weighs me 8/10 of a pound heavier AND says I gained 3/10 of a pound this week, while the Tanita says I gained only 1/10 of a pound? Eh? EH?! IT’S A RACKET, I TELL YOU.

Anyway, in the last few stressful weeks, I’ve realized that good habits kind of need to be reinforced when you relocate. It sounds odd, but it’s like I had learned not deal with school-related stress through food, but I need to reinforce that good habit after moving back home and encountering a new kind of stress. For example: After being through into the radio realm, going without a day of rest and not exactly loving my new job, I was ready to eat the shingles off the house. One morning I got up with a raging appetite, and I basically gave myself permission to binge. By 8 a.m., I already had in mind what noms I was going to chomp/make myself sick on. Keep in mind that at this point, I had last binged about nine weeks ago—I thought I was golden, having made it through the (even-more) stressful time that was the final exam/paper period. But, here I was back home, ready to binge. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as my binge eating originated at home during high school. Still, I am now less than pleased that I gave myself permission to self-treat with food, even though I ultimately ended up not doing so; fortunately, it seems some intuitive eating instincts have developed and kicked in that day, as when I went and got a sundae for lunch, I consumed it and said, “Oof, I’m full/satisfied.” And the rest of the day was healthy.

Moral of the Story: Bad habits never seem to be entirely banished. I feel like I did myself a really big favor, though, by not going back to binge eating as a way to deal with stress, even the one time, because that one time is never just one time.

Blergh, work tomorrow—what do you dudes have planned for your weekend? Sunday, I’m hoping to just sit on my ass and play video games. I hope it’s not sunny that day; whenever I stay inside on the weekend, I always feel guilty if the sun is out.

Weigh-In Day: Weeks of May 7th and 14th

I didn’t really have any expectations/worries going into today’s weigh-in … I basically ate an average of 20 fewer calories per day than I needed for maintenance, but last week was also my first “taper week” (wherein I replaced a 7-mile run with a day of active rest), so I figured it would all even out.

Weight as of April May 7th: 127.9

Today’s Weight: 126.2 (?!)

Loss/Gain: 1.7

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1,880


05/07: 5-mile walk + 40-minute weightlifting session
05/08: 7-mile run/walk
05/09: 2-mile run + 1-hour weightlifting session
05/10: 7-mile walk
05/11: 7-mile run/walk + 20-minute weightlifting session
05/12: Yoga
05/13: 1-hour aerobics tape

05/14: 7-mile run/walk + 20-minute weightlifting session
05/15: Yoga
05/16: 5-mile walk + 40-minute weightlifting session
05/17: 7-mile run/walk
05/18: Yoga
05/19: 2-mile run + 1-hour weightlifting session
05/20: 45-minute aerobics tape

… Aaaand, I have no idea how that happened. Basically, I can only think of the following explanations:

a) My body has adjusted to more calories, and that amount that I’ve been eating for “maintenance” (1,900 calories per day)  isn’t actually how much I need for maintenance.

b) Sometimes, less exercise when you’ve been overexercising = weight loss. Maybe my body just really badly needed an extra day off?

c) I’ve been more active. But, I highly doubt that two days of cemetery work (which consists of riding a mower and doing about two hours of weed-whacking per day) and moving out of my dorm makes for over a pound and a half of loss, especially since I’ve been walking less since getting home; When I was up at school, I walked everywhere, but now I can just hop in my car whenever I need to go to the store, etc.

d) IT’S A TRAP! … I mean, fluke.

Regardless, I’m not going to look a gift loss in the numbers, and I’m certainly not going to complain about basically being able to gain three pounds before I have to do any kind of “diet” related thang. But, if my weight drops any lower, I’m going to have to go on a … weight gain diet.

/angelic chorus

Anyway, I am hell of nervous about starting my new job tomorrow. But, I’m not so much nervous about the work, itself, as I am about the schedule/being able to chomp. “What if they don’t let me go right at 7 p.m.? What if I get too hungry? WHAT IF I CAN’T SNACK?” … How did I get so schedule-oriented at 21 years old? Jeeze! Also, self, it’s not like you’re going to starve to death if you have to wait an extra hour for dinner. I worry about the most ridiculous things.

What makes you anxious?

Weigh-In Day: Weeks of April 23rd and April 30th

So, as those of you who read my recent spazz-out are probably aware, I really, really, really did not want to get on the scale today. Logically, I knew that somewhere between that amount you need to eat to lose weight and that amount you need to eat to gain weight, there is an amount that you can eat to maintain your weight. But, I spent the majority of my time over the last two weeks thinking not logically, and every time I looked at myself, I was sure I had gained weight. Well, let us see if my fears were unfounded or not:

Weight as of April 23rd: 127.9

Today’s Weight: 127.9

Loss/Gain: No Change

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1,850 (April 23rd – April 29th)/1,900 (April 30th – May 6th)


04/23: 7-mile run/walk
04/24: 2-mile run + 1-hour weightlifting session
04/25: Yoga
04/26: 5-mile walk + 40-minute weightlifting session
04/27: 30-minute elliptical session + 10-minute rowing machine session + 1.5-mile walk/run
04/28: 7-mile walk + 20-minute weightlifting session
04/29: 7-mile run/walk

04/30: 7-mile run/walk
05/01: 2-mile run + 1-hour weightlifting session
05/02: Yoga
05/03: 5-mile walk + 40-minute weightlifting session
05/04: 30-minute elliptical session + 10-minute rowing machine session + 1.5-mile walk/run
05/05: 7-mile walk + 20-minute weightlifting session
05/06: 7-mile run/walk


I … maintained my weight for two weeks?

Dear Internet:

I am sorry for having lost my shit and writing emo-tastic blog posts over nothing.



Seriously, though, I’m shocked, and this is exactly why I need to weigh myself to know where my weight is at; if you had asked me yesterday, I would have bet my unborn, firstborn child that I had gained a ton of weight. I’m just really terrible at assessing my weight by how I look—my mind plays tricks on me (Shit I think this is known as dysmorphia WHOOPS.)

Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad I don’t need more food to maintain my weight, but I was also very satisfied eating 1,900 calories per day, so to want to be able to eat more would really just be kind of gluttonous of me. Regardless, this is a HUGE relief, and I’m super pleased to be going into the summer and graduating at my goal weight, aware of how many calories I need to maintain AND at a place where I haven’t binged for almost six weeks straight. I feel like I’m in a good mindset. Now, I just need to work on eating intuitively, and I think I’ll be more comfortable doing that now that I know what my my maintenance intake looks like.

I also need to just ACCEPT my victories. I got on the scale this morning and immediately went, “That can’t possibly be right. My scale must be broken, or last week I must have been retaining water and I actually gained this week AHHHHHH.” Calm down, self. Everything is cool, you don’t need to second guess success. But, non-scale victories are important (if not more important), too, and I’m hoping now that I’ve been maintaining for a bit I’ll become a bit less obsessed with the scale. Woot.

I’ll weigh myself again in another two weeks, methinks. Now, though, it’s time for a walk, my legs feel like jelly today, probably because I did some High Intensity Interval Training yesterday. Basically, while on the treadmill, I would do five-minute sets during which I ran for three minutes at 6 mph and for one minute at 8 mph before walking for one minute at 4 mph. Run, rinse, repeat for twenty-five minutes. Intense, dudes.

Have you tried any new exercises, lately?

Weigh-In Day: Week of April 16th/Week One of Maintenance, Take Two

Last Week’s Weight: 129.1

This Week’s Weight: 127.9

Loss/Gain: 1.2 pounds

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1800

04/16: 5-mile walk + 40-minute weightlifting session
04/17: Yoga
04/18: 2-mile run + 1-hour weightlifting session
04/19: 7-mile run/walk
04/20: 30-minute elliptical session + 10-minute rowing machine session + 1.5-mile walk/run
04/21: 20-minute weightlifting session + 7-mile walk
04/22: 7-mile run/walk


a) First things first: In the interest of full disclosure, I definitely forced myself to pee so I could squeak into my 127s. Heh.

b) I am well pleased that I am now comfortably in my goal range and the lowest weight I’ve been in years. Kind of crazy, really. But, the latter point definitely makes me feel better about moving into maintenance.

c) I am NOT well pleased because … well … I kind of expected more. You see, the last two times I’ve had my cycle, I lost two and a half pounds or more, and one of those times I ate more bonus calories—enough bonus calories, in fact, to put my average daily caloric intake higher than this week’s 1800. So, what does this week’s 1.2 pound loss mean? Was I just not retaining that much water? Do I have a slow day-to-day metabolism, and my body can only handle more calories when they come in short bursts? DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE ACCORDING TO SCIENCE? Is my metabolism just taking its time to fire up? I have no idea!

d) I am also well pleased because this morning was the first time I weighed myself since last Friday. Yay, willpower!

SO MANY DEEP THOUGHTS. Anyway, despite what seems to be an apprehension on the part of my body to more calories, I’m going to up my calories an additional 50 this week and then another additional 50 next week, and I will weigh myself again on May 7th. Yes, that’s two weeks away. Yes, I know people who are maintaining their weight are supposed to weigh themselves MORE frequently, but the last time I started maintenance, I lost my shit/fell of the wagon as soon as I gained even a teeny-tiny bit of weight as a result of increasing my caloric intake. So, I’d rather just side-step that by not weighing myself for two weeks (unless I should have a big splurge in that time, in which case I’ll weigh myself sooner). Besides, I’m not worried about gaining a massive quantity of weight in those two weeks, seeing as how I’m only going from 1600 calories per day to 1650 to 1700, not from 1600 to 1800 or 2000. Make sense?

I also kind of want to stay away from the scale because I feel as though by doing so I’ll get a better grasp on intuitive eating; this week, while I did well with it on days that were far away from weigh day, I ate “diet style” the closer I got to weigh day, i.e., making sure all my bonus calories were gone by a certain point in the week so that I would just be eating my daily base calories near weigh-in day, eating when I wasn’t hungry to make sure I consumed all my daily calories, etc. So, yes. We’ll how this week goes.


Weigh-In Day: Week of April 9th


Last Week’s Weight: 129.7

This Week’s Weight: 129.1

Loss/Gain: 0.6 pound

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1,750


04/09: 5-mile walk/run + 40-minute weightlifting session
04/10: Yoga
04/11: 1-hour weightlifting session + 2-mile run
04/12: 7-mile run
04/13: 7-mile walk/run
04/14: 7-mile walk + 20-minute weightlifting session
04/15: 7-mile walk/run

(Also, in case you were wondering, I did purposefully choose the Final Fantasy VI victory fanfare, ’cause that is my favorite Final Fantasy title. Yes.)

I am going to write a more introspective post on reaching my goal range later that you may or may not to read due to the level of cliché thoughts that it will contain, but, for now, here are some goals for the week:

1) Don’t go totally ape-shit bananas and overeat just because I’ve hit my maintenance range.

2) Eat only when I’m hungry. One of the terrible habits that comes with dieting—for me, personally—is just automatically eating every three hours or so to avoid getting “too hungry.” I’m going to continue counting calories for a bit (like I did the last time I start maintenance), but I’m going to start practicing some intuitive eating, too. And, in regards to that …

3) If I’m hungry, eat, even if I don’t have the “calories.”

4) Don’t step on the scale again before next Friday! Seriously, I drive myself crazy when I start weighing-in midweek, and half the time I end up stressing out over nothing.

5) Continue to be grateful everyday. Last week, I tried  to start each day with prayer, and as corny as it sounds, it set a nice tone for my day, and just trying to be grateful in general helped me be less negative.

I’m also going to bump my daily caloric intake up by an additional 50 calories this week (bringing my DCI to 1,600). I’m especially pleased about this loss this week, though, as I am *ahem* due for my “lady times.”*

And with that lovely thought, I am off to lift weights. HURGH MUSCLES.

* Sorry, again, dudes.

A Letter

Dear Scale,

Please be nice tomorrow, or else I will drop-kick you out a window. Also, before doing so, I will weep and throw a hissy fit, and thus your final moments on Earth will consist of a 21-year old woman crying like a toddler over something trivial. No one wants this.



Torture by Scale

I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning, thus simultaneously breaking one of my goals for the week and throwing myself into a state of hyper-anxiety.

First Thought: “131?!”

Second Thought: “BLOO HOO HOO WHYYYYY”

Third Thought: “WAIT. The last time you were at this point in your cycle*, didn’t you lose 1.8 pounds in between Thursday and Friday? And today’s Wednesday, so everything is fine!”

Fourth Thought: “WAIT. Last week, I only lost .9 of a pound in between Wednesday and weigh-in day. I’M GOING TO GAIN THIS WEEK AHHHHHH.”

I know better than to do this to myself. You see, I’m 90% sure the scale and my body are in cahoots and enjoy screwing with me, and I know that I’m just as likely to lose three pounds before Friday as I am to gain three pounds. And yet, I can’t help but climb on the scale during the week. Le sigh. And, of course, this weigh-in will now be accompanied by a million more weigh-ins: It’s like I need to check every .05 second to see if I’ve lost, now.

ALRIGHT, NEW GOAL: Only weigh myself ONCE A DAY in between now and Friday. If I have to weigh myself, at least do it only once a day, you know?

Still, looking at my current gain, I have to wonder why it’s the weeks we try the hardest that we seem to lose the least amount of weight. It’s like, if I knew I was going to gain, I would have just done it the old fashioned way and overeaten.

Ah, well. Maybe my body has a magic “two-pounds-in-two-days” loss up it’s sleeve. But, I reckon if the worst thing to happen to me in my present life is that I gain weight this week and have to wait to start maintenance, I’m pretty damn fortunate.

P.S. – Was anyone else mildly disappointed by “Glee” last night? The whole “Hello” theme felt kind of forced, at times, especially when Finn gave that spiel before singing “Hello, I Love You.”

* Sorry, dudes.

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