A Fitness Favor

Seeing as how I’m not at university anymore, I no longer have ready access to an indoor track/exercise equipment. And, the beloved treadmill that has resided in my living room at home for several years recently shit the bed. Alas. So, I went in search of a gym in my hometown, because I knew the first day it rained and I wouldn’t be able to complete a scheduled run (yes, I’m a wuss who won’t run in the rain), I would flip out.

I actually prefer going to the gym to run over using a treadmill in my home (whenever I would do the latter, it would take me hours sometimes to do a run, just because I would stop for a water break every 15 minutes. It would get pretty ridiculous), so I don’t have a problem with shelling out for external treadmill access. But, I would not have discovered one pet peeve of mine had I never stepped foot in a gym:

I can’t stand it when there’s a whole row of treadmills/exercise equipment open and someone chooses the machine right next to me—it’s like when there’s a parking lot full of empty spaces and the next person to pull in chooses the space next to your car. I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m the only one bothered by this. Maybe everyone else who goes to the gym partially goes to experience having a sweaty body in close proximity to their’s because they’re not having sex and running next to someone on a treadmill is as close to doin’ it as they’re going to get. I, however, do not want someone right next to me, and the minute someone climbs onto the machine next to mine I immediately start leaning away. I am getting an unbalanced workout because of you needy bastards! Get away from me!

Regardless, this wouldn’t bother me quite so much if all those who stationed themselves next to me didn’t all seem to belong to those populations that either don’t believe in deodorant or bathes in perfume. So, here is my request:


If you are going to be one of those people who tries to experience sexy time vicariously through running next to me, please do not use excessive amounts of body spray/perfume before coming to the gym. It makes me choke and gives me a headache, and I can barely run when I’m feeling well. Likewise, to those folk who don’t believe in deodorant, please keep in mind that deodorant isn’t for you—it is for me. Specifically, it is to protect me from your stank, so please use it.



In other news, I started one of my two jobs. Yay! You see, since my radio job is only part time, I need to do somethin’ else to bring in the money, honey. Fortunately, I was able to secure the cemetery job that I’ve worked for the past three summers. Yes, I work at a cemetery, and I actually really enjoy it. Here is a picture of a portion of the cemetery!

Awesome, graves! I know some people may find the idea of working in a cemetery morbid, but I enjoy being outside (the job involves mowing/weed-whacking the 40-acre area three days a week) and it’s nice to be active. Occasionally, it does get a little depressing (a man’s young wife passed away last summer, and he visited the grave site every day, and it was just about the saddest thing ever), but otherwise I don’t mind being surrounded by death. Mostly, I just find checking out grave inscriptions interesting/historical, especially since some of the graves date back to the 1800s. Neat.

Do you have any pet peeves, gym-oriented or otherwise? Do cemeteries/death bother you? These questions are really unrelated to each other, dang.


Switching It Up

I’ve been feeling a bit like Bilbo Baggins, lately.

No, not in the sense that I feel like I’m going to attack my nephew in an attempt to take back My Precious, but rather because I feel “thin — sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” Part of this feeling I chalk up to stress and not eating enough, but I’m hoping that soon maintenance/chomping a bit more in the process will at least eliminate any lethargy brought about by the latter. However, I must wonder if my exercise schedule isn’t also somewhat to blame.

For the last several weeks, my exercise load has looked like the following:

35 miles per week

Strength-training 3 times per week

One active rest day per week (i.e., yoga)

I’ve been wondering if this isn’t a little much, so I wrote to Kelly over at the “My Revolution Bootcamp” blog for advice, and she was kind enough to answer my question in this post: “Give It a Rest.”

(But, wait!, you say. That letter is signed by someone named ‘Justine!’

That is because I write this blog under a pseudonym, mostly because a) only one member of my family knows I have an issue with binge eating, b) none of my friends know I have an issue with binge eating and c) I’d prefer my future employers not know I have an issue with binge eating. Anyway, the name attached to that letter is my legitimate first name. But, I digress.)

Long story short, I’ll be making the following changes to my exercise schedule:

1. I’ll be replacing one of my 7-mile runs with an hour-long, “free choice” cardio session, which will be rad as I have a HUGE collection of exercise tapes at home that I really enjoy doing (Yes, I enjoy exercise tapes. Apparently, some part of me just loves bad faux-dancing and being yelled at by petite, overly perky women.)

2. Every three weeks, I’ll have a “taper week” where I replace a second 7-mile run with another active rest day.

Granted, this means I’ll be burning 700 or so fewer calories per week, but I’d rather eat less (only about 100 calories per day less, really) then run my body into the ground. And, I think that now—i.e., this time period when I’m moving into the maintenance—is the best time to do it, since by cutting my exercise at this point in time I won’t have an opportunity to get used to a higher daily caloric intake for maintenance.

Anyway, I had my first “free choice” session this morning. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any my beloved videos as they are all not in my dorm room (I could have totally gone for some kickboxing today, too), but fortunately I DO have access to a gym with some variety of exercise equipment. I ended up doing half an hour on the elliptical, ten minutes on the rowing machine and twenty minutes on the treadmill for lack of anything better to do. Technically, I could have used the stationary bike and gotten some more variety, but I just never feel like I get a good workout on those things.

Also, I’m kind of wigging out about choosing to start maintenance this week when I wasn’t technically at my “goal weight” of 128 pounds. You see, since I was due for my “lady times,”* I figured that would take care of the last pound and I could still bump up my calories a bit. But, that was probably a bad assumption to make. Ah, well. I guess I’ll see Friday if I have to scale back my intake, again. Man, I hope not. Blergh, why did I jump the gun!

* If there were any dudes still reading this blog, they have probably now stopped. Alas.


So, one of the many reasons (and, perhaps, actually the worst reason) I wanted to stop bingeing is because I knew it would make losing/maintaining weight—both now and in the future (because, let’s face it, everyone gains a few pounds on occasion, though I would hope I don’t find myself staring down a 10-pound gain again)—much easier. And, it has. For the sake of accountability, here’s my weight from the pass 10 weeks in addition to how many calories I ate on average per day in the week leading up to that particular weigh-in day:

Date: Weight, Average Daily Caloric Intake (Notes, If Applicable)

1/15: 142, Calorie Count Not Available (I ate hell of terrible up to this point. Oops.)

1/22: 139.5, 1700

1/29: 136, 1700

2/05: N/A, 1850 (I started weighing myself ever other week around this time, something I’ll touch on in the anti-binge post. This is also the first week where I introduced the “Anti-Binge,” increased-calorie week [See Below])

2/12: 134.6, 1700

2/19: 137.6, C.C. Not Available (This is the week I slipped up and binged.)

2/26: 132.8, 1640

3/05: 132.2, 1700

3/12: 131.9, 1700 (At this point, I was a little frustrated, so I introduced a “Plateau Week.” [See Below])

3/19: 131.3, 1900 (The Plateau Week worked!)

So, yes. As you can, although my weight loss has slowed down a bit recently, it’s a big improvement over steady, big loss followed by a huge step back. What’s made for better progress?

a) Not bingeing, obviously.

b) “Plateau/Anti-Binge” Weeks. My mom actually came up with this idea when she noticed that, about every three weeks, the diet tended to go out the window. So, rather than just tossing it entirely, she decided to give herself a week—every three weeks—where she got extra calories. Not a ton, mind you (about, on average, 150 extra calories per day), but it was enough to keep her from falling off the wagon. And, it worked for me, too. Eventually, when I went a few weeks without bingeing, I decided I didn’t need the help, anymore, and got rid of the “higher calorie” week in the interest of losing weight more quickly. But, when I hit a plateau, I re-introduced it and ended up losing more that week than I did the week before, when I ate less. Neat! So, now I institute a “Plateau Week” whenever two weeks pass and I lose less than a pound.

c) A higher fat diet. Inspired by Susan‘s “Fatty February,” I made a conscious effort to start including foods with higher amounts of healthy fat. And, it knocked out my appetite. Now, this may not work for you, but getting rid of the “diet foods” in my diet (e.g., “Light” bread, products engineered to be fat free, etc.) and including more fat (and, consequently, more protein, as many sources of healthy fats are also goods sources of the p-stuff) helped me feel more satiated and, thus, less like bingeing. Also, my hair is super silky now. Seriously, it feels like I have a kitten on my head. Want to try a higher fat diet, yourself? Try having hard boiled eggs with miracle whip for lunch instead of a turkey sandwich, or introducing more tuna and nut butters/nuts into your diet. Good stuff, and good for you. HOWEVER, if you’re not counting calories/Points and you decide to switch to a higher fat diet, keep in mind that a lot of food with healthy fats are also higher in calories than their leaner counterparts. So, when you make a PB + J, make sure you aren’t putting as many ounces of P on your bread as you would have of turkey if you were making a turkey sandwich, otherwise you’ll be gaining teh weightz and wondering why.

Other changes:

d) Fewer miles per day. When I stopped writing in January, I was working towards running 10 miles in one set. But, I’ve found I really don’t enjoy long runs (packing snacks for excercise? Water coolers on your back to stay hydrated? No, thanks; too lazy). So, now I do a maximum of seven miles in one session, but my total mileage for the week is the same.

e) More strength training. I used to have my Cardio/Weights/Yoga weeks, but now I lift weights three times a week every week, and I really feel like it’s helped me maintain muscle mass and that, now, I’m losing more fat than muscle. NEAT.

Yep! Of course, the basic structure of my diet is pretty much the same (1,500 calories per day and 1,400 bonus calories per week, unless it’s a Plateau Week, in which case I get between 2,450 and 2,800 bonus calories for the week), and I hope it keeps workin’ for me. Who knows, maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll be in my 120s by this Friday (Eeeeee!)  Last time I started a diet post-holiday season, it took me until September to reach the point I’m at now, so I’m pretty pleased, regardless. But, I’m also going home on Friday and will be celebrating Easter in that time, so hopefully I can keep it together while splurging in moderation. Woot.

ANYWAY … any questions?

Stop … It’s Reflection Time.

So, I binged again today.

I got up and thought, “The problem is that I’m trying to count calories, and the rules make me nervous. Fine, get rid of them, and just put dieting aside for right now. Nothing says you have to lose weight you’ve gained right away. Just forget about it for right now.”
Well, I reckon the freedom went to my head, because although I started off with a healthy breakfast (“I’m not the hungry, so I’ll have yogurt. Haha! I am full of triumph!”), the day just spiraled downward from there. At the very least, though, I have to give myself credit for putting a cap on the situation; yesterday, I said, “I hope I never binge again, but if I do, I want every subsequent binge to be smaller than the last.” So, my current caloric intake to beat was 5,795 (taken from yesterday’s binge). Thus, today at most I’ll eat 5,295 calories. Next time, I’ll hopefully catch myself and only eat 4,795 calories, and so on until I don’t binge anymore and binges become normal indulgences.

But, there’s more to beating this than just setting goals of bingeing a little less than during the last episode. Do I need to go to therapy? I don’t know. Let’s start by really, REALLY looking into why I think I binge.

1. I think I binge because I’m bored. I’m not a very social entity (probably because I’m trying to lose weight 90% of the time and most social activities involve food), so my life basically entails going to the gym, coming back to room, going to class and then coming back to my room. IT’S BORING. Do I have plenty of work to do? Yes, but work is boring, and whenever I am sitting around my room I am spending most of my time thinking, “Can I eat yet? Can I eat yet? Huh? Can I eat yet?”

2. I think I binge to avoid thinking about how incredibly lonely I am. Like I said, I’m not very social, and while part of this is because I avoid restaurants like the plague, the other part is that I never bonded with anyone at my college. I’m awkward, I’m shy, I’m strange, I’m nerdy, and this doesn’t bother me, but the thing is I like other people like me, who are a little morbid, a little extreme, etc., and I never met my “pack” at Brandeis. I’m also from a low-income home, and while I’M NOT SAYING THAT WEALTHY KIDS ARE A CERTAIN WAY, well … there’s definitely a noticeable divide sometimes.

And, I’m a Roman Catholic at a Jewish school, which means that trying to find a boyfriend is practically impossible. Two years ago, I was engaged to a Jewish boy from Brandeis, and part of the reason the relationship went sour was his mother was dead set against the idea of a non-Jew entering their family. She was a horrible woman, and if she were here now I would probably take my shoe off and beat her with it. Regardless, I can’t really be bothered to get emotionally attached to a dude here at Brandeis, because I don’t want a repeat of that situation.

3. I think I binge because I’m freaked out by failure. I can’t fail at a diet if I don’t try, right? So, if I start tomorrow post-binge, I have a nice, clean slate, and I will totally follow my plan until I am done losing weight this time. But … while cheating just a little is better than bingeing, it’s like … my brain doesn’t understand that concept. It’s like, I start each day and everything is fine, but then as the day progresses (some days, that is), I begin to think, “I kind of want a big lunch, but, oh man, what if I get hungry later and I don’t have enough calories? OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod what am I going to do?” This is a hard one to explain, this “black and white,” “clean slate,” “perfect streak” mentality. But, if you’re a dieter, chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about.

4. I think I binge to avoid being at my goal weight. Now, this is an odd one; every time I start a diet, all I can think of is, “Dang, I can’t wait to be done!” But, I think I’m afraid of getting there and still having to keep my eating habits in check. It’s like, while I diet and subsequently binge, I have an excuse to not eat well. But, if I make my goal weight, I have to be on my toes all the time. And, when I did hit my goal weight, the pressure got to me. It was incredibly intimidating to be at my goal weight and still have to keep an eye on my calories and eating habits. But, physically, I feel/felt great. It’s just that my mental state was a mess.

5. I think I binge because I’m stressed. No, really; the last time I binged (prior to this week), I was studying for a Politics midterm. Remember Jakarta? Honestly, I think I abuse food the way some people abuse alcohol; I use it as a way to forget that there is work to be  done or there is the potential for failure in my future. And, I binged this week because I’m staring down four incomplete projects/papers and an upcoming final. And, I’m stressed about gaining weight over the holidays. So … I binge.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Now, do I need therapy, or just a distraction? For the moment, though, I think I’m going to give up dessert products and see if that helps my appetite—I wonder, sometimes, if I’m addicted to sugar. Regardless, this is a good time to take a break from the sweet stuff, as all the on campus food facilities are going to closed for the holidays. So, it’s kind of hard to buy cookies when the stores are shut up.

Bleh … I feel like crap. Whenever I get done with a binge, I never say, “Boy, that sure was worthwhile!”

Edit: And another thing, I think I binge because I want what I can’t have. Most sweets, etc., are too high calorie to include a daily basis (and, even people that eat normally don’t do so for just this reason), so my day-to-day food becomes unappealing in comparison. “I don’t want this tuna! I want cookies!” But, at the end of a binge, the food I’ve eaten is never as good as I thought it would be.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for … Yogurt?

Happy Halloween! Personally, I’ll be dressing up as “college student stuck working in the media lab all day” for the holiday. How about you?

Man, I wanted nothing more than to sleep in today (I have been exhausted the last few days, and so has everyone else, it seems; a lot of people I’ve talked to report being mad tired), but I just could not stay asleep; I woke up at 5 a.m., then again at 6 and finally relented and got up when I woke up 7. Ah, well. We only have one functioning washing machine in the dorm right now, so my early-riserness actually worked out well as it allowed me to get some laundry done while everyone else was still asleep/not using the washing machine for once.

Have you ever tried peddling backwards on an elliptical? I gave it a go for the first time yesterday (it’s a Cardio Week, and I decided to swap out my “Free Runs” for “Free Choice” cardio sessions; I missed including different equipment/tapes in my regular workout cycle) when I spent a workout switching off between the treadmill and the elliptical, and it was RIDICULOUSLY hard. Originally, I planned to do 10 minutes forward-peddling followed by 5 minutes of backwards-peddling, but I could only go backwards for a minute! It’s nice to feel challenged, though, and now I have a new excercise with which I can measure fitness improvement. Woot. Today, though, I am definitely going for a walk: I don’t think my thighs could tolerate anything else.

I’m down seven-tenths of a pound today! Come on, body! Two more pounds and we’re back in the sweet spot.

In other news, Allison over at Balance in Bites is giving away Greek Yogurt! Mmm, greek yogurt … So high protein, so tasty. Also, so expensive, so it’s certainly worth your while to enter this contest and potentially score some for free. To enter, just head on over to this post and leave a comment telling Allison your favorite way to eat yogurt.

In stitches

Something about the fall/winter just makes me not want to workout; even though I excercise indoors most of the time, some days I wake up and just the idea of walking from my dorm to the gym at 8 a.m. in the cold just makes me want to say, “Forget it.” Today was especially difficult, but I made to the gym only to start running and develop a massive stitch in my side. I think it lasted for at least half of my hour-long workout, which is too bad because I was doing intervals today and as a general rule I find this type of session to be really enjoyable (For those of you who find running/walking on a treadmill really tedious, I highly recommend trying intervals; they essentially require you to break your workout down into segments, and doing so really makes your workout go by more quickly.) That, and I just had no oomph today, probably because I didn’t eat very much yesterday; Even though I’m still counting calories, I’m at least trying to practice eating intuitively. For example, usually I would just eat whatever amount of calories I had allotted for each meal, but now I’m gauging my hunger whenever I sit down to eat and adjusting each meal accordingly. Yesterday, this meant that I ate 1,490 calories when I could have had 1,600. Regardless, I wasn’t able to run as hard as I did during my last interval session, which is kind of disappointing, but at least I got the job done. I think tomorrow I’ll take a nice walk.

The weather here today is hell of terrible, and I really just feel like putting on my pajamas and lounging around. But, there is work to be done and the library calls. Away!

Weigh-In Day: End of Week Two

So, there were some unexpected developments this weigh-in day:

Last Week’s Weight: 130.3

This Week’s Weight: 128.2 (OMG)

Loss/Gain: 2.1 Pounds

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1700


Weights Week
10/02: 45 minute weight lifting session
10/03: 5.73 mile run
10/04: 6 mile walk
10/05: 1 hour weight lifting session
10/06: Yoga
10/07: 5.5 mile run/walk
10/08: 6.5 mile run

Yeah … I’m at my goal weight.

Honestly, when I first started this “final diet,” I was thinking I’d be lucky to be barely into my 120s at the end of the three week stretch. But, here I am, comfortably at my goal weight. It’s a weird feeling, because on the one hand you’re all, “Whoo! I’m done!”, but on the other you know that you now have to learn to maintain your weight.

I haven’t eaten a normal diet since high school. And, as a result, I’m not going to jump into intuitive eating as I’d originally planned to do upon reaching my goal weight/completing this diet, particularly since I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet with my school’s nutritionist on the subject yet. Truth be told, I have no idea how much I should be eating to maintain my weight. So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to continue to count calories while gradually increasing my daily caloric intake in order to find my maintenance intake. Then, once I have an idea of how much I can eat, I’ll begin making the transition to intuitive eating. This week, I’m shooting for 1600 calories a day rather than 1500. I am filled with suspense as to what is going to happen.

Anyway, I weighed myself every day while I was losing weight, but I think while I’m trying to find my maintenance intake I’m only going to weigh myself once a week; while I was dieting, I knew a small fluctuation was just a reflection of changes in water weight and such, but I feel like if I were to get on the scale on a daily basis right now I’d just flip my shit were the scale to go up, as I’d attribute it to actual weight gain from eating more.

I did a nice session of yoga this morning, and I think tomorrow I’ll go for a run. For the past few weeks, I’ve been running at my school’s indoor track/on the treadmill, but I’d like to get back into road running, particularly since the fall is such a great time for it. I really like the Nike + gear, as the idea of not having to plan a running route and just being able to run where I like until I’ve completed the necessary miles is really appealing to me, but it looks like they only make the program for the iPod nano. This displeases me, as I have an obese iPod. Hmph.

Rediscovering Intuition: Day 13 of the Final Diet

During my mid- to late-teens, I ignored what my body told me 90% of the time. If I was hungry and had the shakes from low blood sugar, I ignored it; I only had 20 WWs points for the day and I had to stay within that range, goddammit, so we were having raspberries for a snack and that was final. I was also, I guess, what you could call an “excercise bulimic;” I exercised twice a day, and if I was tired I still cracked the whip on my own back until I got the treadmill for a second time that day. So, when before I would have run on a given day regardless of how I felt because it was “part of my program,” the fact that I got up today, recognized I felt achy and went for a walk, instead, shows that even though I am still a little hung up on my weight I have changed somewhat for the better within the last few years.

I know, I’m such an inspiration.

But, I know you’re not here to read about my greatness. You want to know what I put in my mouth today.

Pre-Workout Snack (8 a.m.): Ye olde peanut butter on bread (80 calories)

Breakfast (10 a.m.): 1/2 cup of Oatmeal made with 5 oz. of skim milk and 5 g. of brown sugar (220 calories); 13 g. of almonds (80 calories)

You know it’s getting cold outside when I make the transition from cold cereal to oatmeal. Though, in an effort to still get a sufficient amount of protein out of my morning meal, I tried making my oatmeal with milk for the first time today. Oh, man, so tasty. And, I took a page out of Tina’s book and mixed my brown sugar into my oatmeal before microwaving it (I used to just sprinkle it on top after the fact, like some kind of peasant), and it certainly made a difference; my brown sugar was much more evenly distributed. But, I think I used a little too much milk; I like my oats kind of chewy, and they came out more … floaty. I’ll try making it with only 4 oz. of milk, next time. I’m going to have to experiment with various toppings, too. Does anyone have any suggestions for oatmeal flavorings?

Lunch (1 p.m.): Roast beef sandwich (170 calories); 1/2 an apple (30 calories); Yoplait Light Thick and Creamy Strawberry Yogurt (100)

Today, I was stuck at the Justice office from 1 to 6 p.m., so I packed my meals for the day. Anyway, I don’t know why, but there’s something much more satisfying about a warm breakfast than a cold one, as I was only mildly hungry when lunch time rolled around. I still padded my lunch today, though, with a serving of yogurt. I used to be a big fan of Yoplait’s Thick and Creamy, so I decided to give their “Light” edition a try. It had a nice, candy-sweet strawberry flavor, but I could taste the chemical twang of the fake sugar underneath it. That, and the texture was more gelatinous than creamy. I might have to explore other light yogurts.

Snack (3 p.m.): Tuna sandwich (150 calories); 1/2 an apple (30 calories)

Dang, I ate extra at lunch and I was still hungry an hour later. Being the trooper that I am, though, I waited to eat my snack until 3 p.m.

Dinner (6 p.m.): 100 grams of Barilla Pasta Plus made with 4 g. of butter and topped with 5 g. of Parmesan cheese (420 calories)

There are very few foods that I feel guilty eating, mostly because I can find some kind of redeeming nutritional quality in just about anything.

Ice cream? Look at all the calcium in that shit, man.

Lard? Fat makes your hair shiny, right? Tomorrow, I’m going to look like a goddamned lighthouse, it’s gonna be awesome.

But, with pasta—maybe because I need a massive serving to feel full—I just can’t eat without thinking “EMPTY CAAAAAAAAAAARBS.” And, unfortunately, I love the stuff. So, what’s a lady to do? I tried the whole wheat pasta, but it just wasn’t the same, so I went without for awhile. However, I recently discovered Barilla Pasta Plus, which not only tastes pretty damn close to the real deal but also earns mad props for having 17 g. of protein in a 100 g. serving. And, said serving is hella filling, even without anything on the side or any lean protein.

Snack (8 p.m.): 58 g. of Special K Protein Plus with 2 oz. of skim milk

Awww, yeaaaaaaah… I switched it up in here. Not too shabby, but I really could have gone for another round with Mr. Daz. Ah, well; maybe next week.

Chobani Giveaway! Not here, though. We’re not that fancy.

If you head over to YumYucky.com, you’ll find that Josie is currently holding a Chobani Yogurt giveaway (I feel so relevant that I blogged about Chobani yogurt last night, I’m so food-hip). All you have to do to enter is write a comment on this entry, and you’re in the running! No offense, but I hope I win. I need free yogurt more than you do.

… What?

My workout ended up not being hella terrible, and I’m glad I put in the effort; I always feel excessively pleased with myself after I excercise. And, come on, how often do you go to the gym and regret it?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been boosting my endurance with the Women’s Health “Running for Weight Loss” program. Back in high school, I was an avid runner, but I fell out of the habit after I gained the freshman 15 in college. And, even after I lost the weight, I didn’t pick up running again. Recently, I realized I missed being a runner, so I started the WH’s plan and it’s been working marvelously—I started with the run-walk program and have worked my way up to the running program. I’m on week six, so my workout today looked like this (I ran on a treadmill):

Warm-up (The program doesn’t include one, so I tack on my own)

1.5 minutes at 3 mph

1.5 minutes at 3.5 mph

2 minutes at 4 mph

Endurance Portion

10 minutes at 5 mph

10 minutes at 5.5 mph

Interval Portion – Repeated 7 times

3 minutes at 6 mph

1 minute at 7 mph

1 minute at 4 mph


2 minutes at 4 mph

1.5 minutes at 3.5 mph

1.5 minutes at 3 mph

Total Time: 65 minutes

Distance: 5.73 miles

Yeaaaaaaaah. The only this is, I’m almost done with this program and I have no idea where to go after this.

Well, I have choked down my lunch (another roast beef sandwich—mmm, lack of variety) and I believe the weather is as pleasant right now as it is going to get today, so I believe I will make my way to the grocery store.

Damn you, school convenience store for not carrying my bread of choice! I will remember this offense.

Thanks for nothing, weather.

I was originally going to haul my ass downtown today to see a movie, but at the moment it is literally down pouring, and the forecast for later is “heavy rain and a thunderstorm;” I may be dedicated to the cinema, but I’m just not willing to perish by way of lightning attempting to get there. I have to walk, you see, as I am not in posession of a car at my college location. Normally, I don’t mind the walk at all, and I actually usually enjoy it, but on days like today it’s mildly inconvenient that walking is my only mode of transportation. Alas. I think I’ll just hit the gym and the grocery store and then call it a day. The grocery store requires walking, too, but that’s only a mile from campus as opposed to the movie theater’s two mile distance.

I think I’m going to have to start replacing a day of running with a day of walking; whereas before, when I was doing three miles per session, it wasn’t a big deal to run hard two days in a row, running five to six miles two days isn’t a row just isn’t doin’ it for me. I woke up last night with a mad cramp in my leg, and while before I looked forward to going to the gym to see how far I could go, today going to the gym holds all the appeal of … well … going to the gym to run in place for an hour. Let’s not get over dramatic, here. So, I may start following my day of running with a day of walking. I figure it’ll recharge my batteries and I’ll walk the same distance I would usually run, so I’ll burn the same amount of calories.

Blergh, I already had my pre-workout snack (peanut butter on wheat, again—I had to use a heel of the bread, oh the horror), so I guess I should hit ye olde torture chamber before breakfast rolls around and I’m hungry before having even worked out.