Back to Basics

Hey, guys! I’m starting a new blog, even though I don’t have time for it! Stay tuned!


Signing Off

I’ve been having trouble with my eating habits again, lately; working in a donut shop apparently just invites binge eating (for me, at least), so I’m starting a 40-day regimen during which I’ll consume no dessert products, no white sugar, no white flour, etc., in the hopes that by cutting those out, I’ll cut out binge eating, too, and get in the habit of not overeating again.

Anyway, that little message isn’t really the point of this post. Instead, I wanted to let you (few) dudes who read this blog know that I’m retiring from blogging, as in the next few months I’m going to be putting all my effort not only into eating well, but also training.

“Training for what?’

Well, after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to go ahead and apply to one of the military’s Officer Training Schools (either Air Force or Marine Corps, I haven’t picked, yet). Admission is incredibly competitive, and I need to be able to put my all towards doing what I need to do to get accepted.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who checked in on ye olde blog and provided support over the last several months. It was good times.

Chasing the Prize

Attention Dudes/Ladies:

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A Letter

Dear Scale,

Please be nice tomorrow, or else I will drop-kick you out a window. Also, before doing so, I will weep and throw a hissy fit, and thus your final moments on Earth will consist of a 21-year old woman crying like a toddler over something trivial. No one wants this.



Weigh-In Day: Week of December 1

This post must be swift, like a ninja, as I have an exam to take soon (Current Internal State: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHSDFKJSDFKJ”) OK, technically the exam isn’t for three hours; I can never sleep the night before/the morning of an exam, which is just about the least helpful trait, ever. I am so scared! Of the exam, not the scale. Anyway.

Last Week’s Weight: 131.2

This Week’s Weight: 129.4

Loss/Gain: 1.8 pounds

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 2,165

12/01: Yoga/Meditation
12/02: 8 mile Easy run
12/03: 4 mile Easy run
12/04: 30 min. elliptical session/1 hr. weight lifting session
12/05: 7.5 mile Quality run/30 min. elliptical session
12/06: 20 min. upper body workout/4 mile Easy run
12/07: 6 mile Tempo run

… OK, I have no idea how this happened, especially since I weighed 132.1 yesterday. I don’t THINK I’m dehydrated; I drank (and pee’d) copious amount yesterday, and I ate plenty, too (I had 1,500 calories worth of food yesterday and 1,590 on Sunday.) So … what’s the deal? Maybe I was just retaining a lot of water, and my body decided to be like, “O HAI SURPRIZ!” It’s funny, though, the last couple of days when I gave myself the once (read: twice) over, I thought, “Dang, I know I am in my 130s, but I look hella cut/feel like I’m 129.” I guess I’ll just roll with it. I mean, it’s probably a fluke, but it is certainly a really encouraging way to start my indulgence plan.


The Morning After

You may have noticed from the statistic in the weight-related sidebar that I’ve begun weighing myself again. Well, the deal with myself was that if I didn’t binge, I could stay off the scale. But, because I started to chomp like crazy, I had to step back on. I’m not disappointed by the number, except in the sense that I’m disappointed by the fact that I didn’t continue to eat healthy, as being 134.2 the day after a binge probably means that I was only a few pounds over my goal range. Le sigh. Of course, that number is probably higher now that I’ve had a second binge, but, who knows—if I stay on plan this week, maybe I can pull of a small loss or maintain. Regardless, I’m restricting my weigh-ins to once a week; any more than that and I just get obessive.

I’m trying to develop a plan that’s going to work with me over the holidays, and I think what I’m going to do is begin each day counting calories, and if a celebratory event comes up, then I’ll participate, because life is short and such. But, I am no longer allowed to buy sweets for myself/outside of a social context. This may seem kind of drastic, but I feel I have good reasons to do so:

a) Sugar only ramps up my appetite.

b) Desserts take up a huge chunk of my calorie allowance.

c) Most non-homemade, storebought sweets aren’t really that good. And, they’re expensive to boot.

d) Whenever I give up sweets (e.g., during Lent), I always lose a ridiculous quantity of weight and don’t really binge. Because, if I’m not eating sweets, what’s there to binge on?

So, there you have it. And, I think once I buckle down and begin my “post-holiday” diet, I’m going to eliminate sweets altogether until I’m done losing weight. But, for the moment, I’m just trying to minimize weight-gain damage while maximizing holiday enjoyment.

… GRAH I’M SO ANNOYED I BINGED! If I had stayed on plan, I probably could have been at my goal weight by the beginning of winter break grumble grumble.

AHEM. Anyway, hopefully with the above plan I won’t gain too much weight; I’d really like to not have more than seven or eight pounds to lose when I begin my post-holiday diet, as this way I can be done in about two months if I really buckle down. Basically, I’m just shooting to be done several weeks before any major holiday so I have some time to get a handle on maintaining my weight. Fortunately, after Christmas, next said major holiday isn’t until Easter, which is April 4. And, if I don’t binge between now and then AND DON’T BINGE ONCE I START MY PLAN I AM LOOKING AT YOU, SELF, then this should be easy-peasey.

In the meantime, here are some reasons not to binge:

1) I feel horrible after. Seriously, I’m sick to my stomach after a binge, and the morning of I’m burping up last night’s transgressions. Also, I am hell of tired from not sleeping well on account of the sour stomach I had last night, so I have no motivation to run OR tackle the massive pile of work I need to do.

2) It’s wasteful AND expensive.

3) I want to eat like a normal person/be at my goal weight by graduation. Seriously, I’m going to be embarking on a whole new stage of my life and meeting a bunch of new people after my May graduation, and I do NOT want to be bogged down by this. I want to be comfortable in my body, be able to go out on a whim and just not worry about food.

Alright … running/slogging time.


Yes, I binged.

No, I don’t want to talk about it.

Alright, I’ll say this much: Yes, I’m furious. Also, I made it six days. Now, I will make it seven days without bingeing, AT LEAST, and then I will keep going longer and longer without a binge and eventually it will stop.

I didn’t make it today, but I will make it someday.

An Attempt at Anti-Anxiety

Dear Self,

I know you’re stressed out about gaining weight. It’s OK; food and your weight have been the main focus of your life for a long time, and I understand that you thought you were at a point where you could begin moving past that and are afraid you’re going to be starting over again. I understand that.


The appropriate response to this stress and to the upcoming holidays is not to eat more now. You feel bloated and anxious today? You’re going to feel worse tomorrow if you continue to overeat. Can you not handle counting calories right now? That’s OK; just stop, then. But stop stress-eating; it’s not going to help.

I know you probably feel like you look terrible, and I know you’re upset about the weight you may have gained over the wedding weekend and yesterday and today. But, you can lose it after the holidays if you just buckle down. And, guess what? No one notices those five or even ten pounds but you. Everyone is too focused on themselves and how terrible they feel they look.

Also, it’s only food, and it’s not going to magically disappear while you’re trying to lose weight. Your favorite things will still be there when you’re done dieting.

So, take a deep breath and step away from the ice cream.



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