Choices, Choices

I love sugar. And, I would love to review more sugary products for you, so on Thursday I will probably venture out to get a pint of ice cream to soothe my final exam/essay oriented anxieties. But, there are two new products that I want to try that I can’t decide between, and I obviously can’t eat two pints of ice cream,* so instead I am going to let you choose. This way, I don’t have to put forth the immense amount of effort that would be required to choose which variety of ice cream to eat, and if I’m disappointed with said variety, then I can just blame my disappointment on the Internet. Yay!


Haagen-Daaz’s Pralines and Creme (This seems to be a flavor exclusive to the United Kingdom as it’s not featured on the U.S. website, but judging by the pint of said flavor that has mysteriously appeared in my local Walgreen’s freezer, I am guessing they are test driving it over here.)


Ben & Jerry’s Milk and Cookies (Everyone and their brother seems to think this delicious. I WILL BELIEVE IT WHEN I TASTE IT.)

In conclusion: Leave a comment telling me what I should eat/review! I know you want to. Also, you are already on this blog and thus must have nothing better to do, you might as well just vote and humor me while you’re here.

* Well, technically I could; when I gained my “Freshman 15,” it was mostly as a result of my consuming two to three pints of Ben & Jerry’s in a day. Yeah, I know, right? Impressive.

Edit: Apparently, the Pralines and Creme is exclusive to Walgreen’s, and the U.S. version has caramel in it instead of toffee. Personally, I would prefer the toffee, but, whatevas. Also, no one is voting! Come on, help an indecisive lady out.


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