Weigh-In Day: Week of April 16th/Week One of Maintenance, Take Two

Last Week’s Weight: 129.1

This Week’s Weight: 127.9

Loss/Gain: 1.2 pounds

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1800

04/16: 5-mile walk + 40-minute weightlifting session
04/17: Yoga
04/18: 2-mile run + 1-hour weightlifting session
04/19: 7-mile run/walk
04/20: 30-minute elliptical session + 10-minute rowing machine session + 1.5-mile walk/run
04/21: 20-minute weightlifting session + 7-mile walk
04/22: 7-mile run/walk


a) First things first: In the interest of full disclosure, I definitely forced myself to pee so I could squeak into my 127s. Heh.

b) I am well pleased that I am now comfortably in my goal range and the lowest weight I’ve been in years. Kind of crazy, really. But, the latter point definitely makes me feel better about moving into maintenance.

c) I am NOT well pleased because … well … I kind of expected more. You see, the last two times I’ve had my cycle, I lost two and a half pounds or more, and one of those times I ate more bonus calories—enough bonus calories, in fact, to put my average daily caloric intake higher than this week’s 1800. So, what does this week’s 1.2 pound loss mean? Was I just not retaining that much water? Do I have a slow day-to-day metabolism, and my body can only handle more calories when they come in short bursts? DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE ACCORDING TO SCIENCE? Is my metabolism just taking its time to fire up? I have no idea!

d) I am also well pleased because this morning was the first time I weighed myself since last Friday. Yay, willpower!

SO MANY DEEP THOUGHTS. Anyway, despite what seems to be an apprehension on the part of my body to more calories, I’m going to up my calories an additional 50 this week and then another additional 50 next week, and I will weigh myself again on May 7th. Yes, that’s two weeks away. Yes, I know people who are maintaining their weight are supposed to weigh themselves MORE frequently, but the last time I started maintenance, I lost my shit/fell of the wagon as soon as I gained even a teeny-tiny bit of weight as a result of increasing my caloric intake. So, I’d rather just side-step that by not weighing myself for two weeks (unless I should have a big splurge in that time, in which case I’ll weigh myself sooner). Besides, I’m not worried about gaining a massive quantity of weight in those two weeks, seeing as how I’m only going from 1600 calories per day to 1650 to 1700, not from 1600 to 1800 or 2000. Make sense?

I also kind of want to stay away from the scale because I feel as though by doing so I’ll get a better grasp on intuitive eating; this week, while I did well with it on days that were far away from weigh day, I ate “diet style” the closer I got to weigh day, i.e., making sure all my bonus calories were gone by a certain point in the week so that I would just be eating my daily base calories near weigh-in day, eating when I wasn’t hungry to make sure I consumed all my daily calories, etc. So, yes. We’ll how this week goes.




  1. Allison said,

    April 23, 2010 at 6:25 PM

    Hey girl, be happy with your loss! Don’t stress that it’s .5 pounds of a loss less than you thought it might be. Think about how far you’ve come – really, it’s some amazing stuff. You’re eating healthy, hardly bingeing (if at all (!) ) and you’re under 128 (!!). I don’t know how to word this right, but I think you’re too hard on yourself sometimes. =P Believe me, I’m just as hard on myself so I know how it is, and I rarely take my own advice. >.< BUT I FEEL FREE TO DISPENSE IT TO OTHERS!

    But seriously, you should be really proud of yourself. =)

    • April 24, 2010 at 9:50 AM

      a) It is good to see you on the Intrawebs! I am always like, “I wonder how Allison is doing,” but not in a creepy way that sounded weird.

      b) Dang, thank you!

      c) Man, you’re right. Though, my complaints regarding my loss are less disappointment related and more anxiety related, not like “BLERGH STUPID BODY WHY DIDN’T YOU LOSE MORE” but more “OMG WHY DIDN’T YOU LOSE MORE DO YOU HAVE A SLOW METABOLISM BUT ME WANT FOOOOOOD.” Regardless, I should stop bitching; I should be really happy to be where I am, and a lot of people with 100+ pounds to lose would justifiably want to slap the shit out of me for complaining—I’m starting to become almost as bad as those thin girls who bitch about being fat, but you know they know they’re skinny and they’re just fishing for compliments and horrible people like me respond with, “You’re right, you should totally become anorexic.” In conclusion, thanks for putting things in perspective for me.

      d) How is your life?

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