Switching It Up

I’ve been feeling a bit like Bilbo Baggins, lately.

No, not in the sense that I feel like I’m going to attack my nephew in an attempt to take back My Precious, but rather because I feel “thin — sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” Part of this feeling I chalk up to stress and not eating enough, but I’m hoping that soon maintenance/chomping a bit more in the process will at least eliminate any lethargy brought about by the latter. However, I must wonder if my exercise schedule isn’t also somewhat to blame.

For the last several weeks, my exercise load has looked like the following:

35 miles per week

Strength-training 3 times per week

One active rest day per week (i.e., yoga)

I’ve been wondering if this isn’t a little much, so I wrote to Kelly over at the “My Revolution Bootcamp” blog for advice, and she was kind enough to answer my question in this post: “Give It a Rest.”

(But, wait!, you say. That letter is signed by someone named ‘Justine!’

That is because I write this blog under a pseudonym, mostly because a) only one member of my family knows I have an issue with binge eating, b) none of my friends know I have an issue with binge eating and c) I’d prefer my future employers not know I have an issue with binge eating. Anyway, the name attached to that letter is my legitimate first name. But, I digress.)

Long story short, I’ll be making the following changes to my exercise schedule:

1. I’ll be replacing one of my 7-mile runs with an hour-long, “free choice” cardio session, which will be rad as I have a HUGE collection of exercise tapes at home that I really enjoy doing (Yes, I enjoy exercise tapes. Apparently, some part of me just loves bad faux-dancing and being yelled at by petite, overly perky women.)

2. Every three weeks, I’ll have a “taper week” where I replace a second 7-mile run with another active rest day.

Granted, this means I’ll be burning 700 or so fewer calories per week, but I’d rather eat less (only about 100 calories per day less, really) then run my body into the ground. And, I think that now—i.e., this time period when I’m moving into the maintenance—is the best time to do it, since by cutting my exercise at this point in time I won’t have an opportunity to get used to a higher daily caloric intake for maintenance.

Anyway, I had my first “free choice” session this morning. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any my beloved videos as they are all not in my dorm room (I could have totally gone for some kickboxing today, too), but fortunately I DO have access to a gym with some variety of exercise equipment. I ended up doing half an hour on the elliptical, ten minutes on the rowing machine and twenty minutes on the treadmill for lack of anything better to do. Technically, I could have used the stationary bike and gotten some more variety, but I just never feel like I get a good workout on those things.

Also, I’m kind of wigging out about choosing to start maintenance this week when I wasn’t technically at my “goal weight” of 128 pounds. You see, since I was due for my “lady times,”* I figured that would take care of the last pound and I could still bump up my calories a bit. But, that was probably a bad assumption to make. Ah, well. I guess I’ll see Friday if I have to scale back my intake, again. Man, I hope not. Blergh, why did I jump the gun!

* If there were any dudes still reading this blog, they have probably now stopped. Alas.


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