Weigh-In Day: Week of April 9th


Last Week’s Weight: 129.7

This Week’s Weight: 129.1

Loss/Gain: 0.6 pound

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1,750


04/09: 5-mile walk/run + 40-minute weightlifting session
04/10: Yoga
04/11: 1-hour weightlifting session + 2-mile run
04/12: 7-mile run
04/13: 7-mile walk/run
04/14: 7-mile walk + 20-minute weightlifting session
04/15: 7-mile walk/run

(Also, in case you were wondering, I did purposefully choose the Final Fantasy VI victory fanfare, ’cause that is my favorite Final Fantasy title. Yes.)

I am going to write a more introspective post on reaching my goal range later that you may or may not to read due to the level of cliché thoughts that it will contain, but, for now, here are some goals for the week:

1) Don’t go totally ape-shit bananas and overeat just because I’ve hit my maintenance range.

2) Eat only when I’m hungry. One of the terrible habits that comes with dieting—for me, personally—is just automatically eating every three hours or so to avoid getting “too hungry.” I’m going to continue counting calories for a bit (like I did the last time I start maintenance), but I’m going to start practicing some intuitive eating, too. And, in regards to that …

3) If I’m hungry, eat, even if I don’t have the “calories.”

4) Don’t step on the scale again before next Friday! Seriously, I drive myself crazy when I start weighing-in midweek, and half the time I end up stressing out over nothing.

5) Continue to be grateful everyday. Last week, I tried  to start each day with prayer, and as corny as it sounds, it set a nice tone for my day, and just trying to be grateful in general helped me be less negative.

I’m also going to bump my daily caloric intake up by an additional 50 calories this week (bringing my DCI to 1,600). I’m especially pleased about this loss this week, though, as I am *ahem* due for my “lady times.”*

And with that lovely thought, I am off to lift weights. HURGH MUSCLES.

* Sorry, again, dudes.


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