Weigh-In Day: Week of April 2nd

See, this is why I hate it when I weigh myself every day; if I hadn’t done so, I’d be all excited about these results. But, instead, I’m just disappointed I didn’t lose more.

Last Week’s Weight: 131.2 (Tanita)

This Week’s Weight: 129.7 (Weight Watchers)

Loss/Gain: 1.5

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1,890


04/02: 7-mile walk/40-minute weightlifting session
04/03: 5-mile walk
04/04: 50-minute weightlifting session/2-mile walk
04/05: 7-mile walk/run
04/06: Yoga
04/07: 7-mile run/20-minute weightlifting session
04/08: 7-mile walk/run

Of course, the numbers come from two different scales (hence the “Tanita”/”Weight Watchers” notes), so my neuroses say “BLERGH THIS SCALE PROBABLY WEIGHS FIVE POUNDS LIGHTER BLERGH.” But, judging by the numbers and the weigh-ins I had the day I left home and the day after I arrived at school, realistically I’d say they actually weigh me about the same. Whatever, I’ll just use whatever scale weighs me lighter after I move home, anyway, so I’m not even sure why I’m concerned.

I’m kind of surprised, though, that I’m not at least at my pre-splurge weight of 128.4—I’m thinking that number from two weeks ago must have been a fluke. Ah, well. This week, though I’m going to up my daily caloric intake to 1,550 (50 CALORIES, DARING I KNOW): I’m not in my “maintenance range,” and I don’t want to jump the gun in the realm of upping my calories, but I’m going to do so, anyway. I’m just feeling “edgy,” you know? I’m not sure why, you’d think after almost ten flawless weeks “on plan” it’d be no problem taking off the last 1.7 pounds and sticking to the diet for a measly two more weeks, but I just need a little extra right now. Otherwise, I feel like I’m going to end up bingeing. Anyway, I’m hoping that maybe by the end of the week I’ll have lost some more weight and be able to start maintenance regardless of the hike (which isn’t really much of a hike, anyway.)

I did do a couple of things differently this past week, though:

a) I chomped more, as you can see from the average DCI.

b) I stopped doing my once-a-week double-cardio day. Granted, this just meant taking out one afternoon, high-intensity elliptical session (which probably wasn’t really doing that much harm or good, regardless), but after reading Charlotte’s post on the effects of excessive cardio, I decided to just do away with it on the grounds that I’m probably exercising more than need be without the elliptical session, anyway.

But, I have a few goals for this week (HERE IS ANOTHER LIST AH YEAH):

a) Don’t step on the scale again until next Friday! One of the things that helped me not-binge was following this tip, as the number on the scale can be hell of anxiety provoking, sometimes, even though it shouldn’t be me (IT’S JUST A NUMBER). I need to follow my own advice! And speaking of advice …

b) Write my “Anti-Binge” post. I need to get those tips down before I forget!

And, finally …

c) Be more appreciative/grateful. Not to get mad corny up in here,but sometimes I get so wrapped up in stupid complaints like “Oh, bleh, I’m not at my goal weight!” or “Oh, meh, school is so tedious!” that I forget to be thankful for things like the fact that I have a healthy, strong body that has endured binges and over-excercising and still carries me through the day, or that I’m getting a great education.

What are your goals for this week?


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