Weigh-In Day: Week of March 26th

So, originally I wasn’t going to have an “official” weigh-in day today, but in my infinite naiveté I thought I’d be back at goal weight today despite having splurged and thus able to start maintenance.


Last Week’s Weight: 128.4

This Week’s Weight: 132.2

Loss/Gain: 3.8 pounds

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 2,700 (Estimate)


03/26: 5-mile run/40-minute weight lifting session (Upper Body)
03/27: Yoga
03/28: 7-mile run
03/29: 7-mile run/20-minute weight lifting session (Upper Body)
03/30: 7-mile run
03/31: 2-mile run/1-hour weight lifting session
04/01: 7-mile walk

Almost 4 pounds?! Impossible! So, I dug out our Tanita scale in the basement (I should mention that I’m using the home scale today, rather than my usual WW scale that is up at school)—which had always been consistently accurate, but it weighed a bit on the heavy side—and it weighed me in at 131.2. I’m pretty sure chilly basements don’t affect that accuracy of scales, so I’m going to roll with this number. The gain number may not be accurate, though, depending on how the Tanita compares to my WW scale; I’m going to haul the former up to school with me, though, so I can compare. Yes, I am neurotic. But, I don’t want to get home and find out my scale weighs mad light and have to go from maintenance back to loss, that’s all.

Anyway, up three pounds, le sigh. And I’ve been stuck at the same weight for four days, now, which is a bit odd. But, regardless, I can tackle three weeks more of “dieting”; I just did ten, so this will be a breeze. And, maybe my body will surprise me and be like “O HAI I LOST MORE THAN A POUND THIS WEEK LOL.”

I’m actually wondering if I should eat more, though; according to the Internet (THE MOST RELIABLE SOURCE EVA), I need about 2,400 calories to maintain my weight with my activity level, which means eating an average of 1,700 calories while dieting may be a bit low. But, I’m on a deadline (I want to be DONE by April 23rd and able to do a few weeks of maintenance before I head home on May 11th) so I’m hesitant to adjust my intake to more. Hmmm.


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