The Danger of Deadlines

/rowses self from sugar-induced coma

Blaaargh … sorry for no posts lately, guys. It has been kind of a hectic time, and also the excessive amounts of sugar I have been eating have been making me mad sluggish and also jiggly; yes, I’ve gained eleven pounds since I’ve been home (Probably more as of this morning, but let’s not talk about that). Yes, I caved to the “Well, I’m starting my diet on [DATE] so I may as well get all my eating in!” mentality, and chowed. That’s the thing about having a “start date” in mind for me, personally; I have good intentions to do well until that day, but then always end up bingeing in the days leading up to it. Though, I haven’t really been hell of bingeing; yesterday I got into the “Let’s Eat!” frame of mind, but midway through thought, “What am I doing to myself?” and just stopped. And, I just decided to go “on program” today, rather than wait until after Christmas–if I gained anymore weight, there’s no way I’d be at my goal by graduation.

So, that’s things in a nutshell. I’ll try and do a more extensive post in the near future, but I just wanted everyone to know I am not dead … just jiggly.


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