Speed Demon

Technically, “No-Binge November/a small portion of December” (which shall henceforth be known as “NBN/D,” as I am lazy) started on Tuesday. However, as of yesterday, I have a week between myself and my last binge and have been on-plan (on plan?) for a week. However, just because I have been on-plan (ON PLAN?! WHICH IS IT? I think I just feel the need to add unnecessary hyphens to everything.) and I’ve stayed within my daily calorie allowance doesn’t mean my eating habits have been stellar: One bad habit—that has been bugging me for awhile, actually—is my tendency to speed-eat snacks some days like nobody’s business when I get either a) really hungry or b) develop a really bad appetite. Now, these episodes don’t develop into binges, so they’re not the worst happenings in the world, but they’re a huge waste of bonus calories. Check out my afternoon on Thursday:

– I was mad hungry, so I stopped by the convenience store and grabbed a Luna Bar (180 calories). What’s odd is that I was ready to eat the shingles off the house at this point, but I breezed by the junk food.

Then, I got back to my room and the problems started.

– “I’m not that hungry, now, since I just had a Luna Bar.” –> Turkey Sandwich (160 calories)

– “… OK, that sandwhich just made me hungrier.” –> Baby bagel with Nutella (160 calories)

And then, within the next half hour, I consumed the following without really pausing to think whether I was actually still hungry or just hosting a monster appetite:

– Bowl of Kashi GoLean Crunch (200 calories)

– Baby bagel with Nutella (160 calories)

– Kashi TLC Bar x 2 (240 calories)

Now, none of these things are particular unhealthy—in fact they’re all very nutritious foods. But, did I need to eat all those snacks? No. I should have stopped myself after the first baby bagel and set a time or some such thing for twenty minutes; then, if I were really still hungry, I could have another snack. But, by the time I was done eating all that food (food that I have on a regular basis), I could have had a special treat or something. I’m particularly mad that I blew these Bonus Calories, too, as my mum said she sent me a “Thinking of You” package (Awww!) since I’m not coming home for the Thanks-Give, and said package could contain candy, which I will want to chomp right away. Fortunately, I actually went 100 calories under my daily caloric allowance, yesterday, so I banked them for possible package-related noms.

However, in light of yesterdays under-eating, I have to return to my mum’s oft-repeated sentiment; “You know, if you just ate healthy, you’d probably lose/maintain your weight.” And, she’s probably right. I ate intuitively yesterday and naturally ate less the day after eating more. But, when I count calories, that’s when I binge. And, look at these reviews from the Intuitive Eating book (which I’d very much like to read):

“As a child I always enjoyed eating, but I was not overweight. In fact, I didn’t think too much about food at all. I went on my first diet at age 15, with the goal of losing 5 lbs. After I lost 5 lbs by eating a lot of salad and little else, I could fit into all my jeans and a few people commented on how good I looked. I was hooked…..I lost another 5 lbs. and looked great (probably too thin, but I thought I looked great!), but the constant restricting and hunger made me start to obsess about food! I would end a 2 day fast by eating an entire bag of cookies….My first diet was the beginning of a 20 year cycle of fasting and compulsive eating that left me 75 lbs overweight. I’ve been in lots of Compulsive Eating support groups over the years and I’ve heard the same story. If you put a child in a room filled with candy and junk food and tell her to eat whatever she wants, the food will quickly lose much of it’s appeal……or tell her not to eat one bite and see how important that food becomes….
This book addresses many of the issues behind compulsive eating, and with lots of work on my part, it made me sane again (and 60 lbs lighter).”

“I jumped right into this eating approach with both feet about a month ago. When I started this diet I was a restrictive eater/binge eater. I was about 10-15 pounds overweight. I weighed myself one to four times a day. I never kept any food in the house that might truly make me want to eat a lof of it. Then, when I was out and had access to food that I craved, I would binge heartily. I’m extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, and only allowed myself to keep whole grains, no trans-fats, etc. in the house.
I really thought that I had a very healthy approach toward food. Then, I started intuitive eating a month ago. At first, it was stadium franks, hot dogs, chocolate, cream horns, turnovers, and a lot of them. I weighed myself recently, and found that I had only gained 3 pounds after eating this way to my heart’s content. I stopped when I felt satisfied, and only ate when I felt hungry.
Just recently, do I feel the need for sugar/fat tapering. I’m starting to crave strawberries and cooked cabbage. I’m down to 2 cream horns a day, instead of 5. I don’t even care to eat most of the other sugary food I keep around. I have to throw it out. My pants are starting to feel like they’re loosening back up slowly.
I can’t believe it. I’m 33. I’ve obsessed about my eating, dieted and binged (sometimes on a daily basis) for the past 18 years, only to weigh more than ever.
Now, to be surrounded by the food I always craved and binged on, and to not even want it is amazing!!!!”

Sound familiar? Yeah, same here. So, is it time to finally ditch the scale? Down with the count? THESE ARE THOUGHTS I HAVE.

Anyway, time for ye olde run. I hope the treadmills at the mini-gym are open; I’m feeling wimpy today and don’t want to chillax with the cold (though, according to my dashboard widget, it’s currently 43 degrees in Boston, which is actually pretty toasty. We’ll see.)



  1. November 21, 2009 at 10:47 AM

    Good luck on the run, and good for you for not letting the snacking turn into something more. I gotta get my butt out for a run too, but 43 sounds cold to me (I’m also in Boston!), which is silly, and also, my hamstrings are tight as a drum, which is not as silly, and kind of concerning. Gotta stretch them out!

  2. November 21, 2009 at 11:11 AM

    Yeah, I ended up on the treadmill because I stepped outside and was like, “OMG CHILL-LEY.”
    Also, tight hamstrings ARE NO SILLY/LAUGHING MATTER: I get them all the time, and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with crazy cramps in my legs. I basically end up throwing my feet on the floor and flexing them until they go away, but then I’m wide awake because of the SHOOTING PAINS that were just in my calf. Do you ever get these?

  3. November 21, 2009 at 2:47 PM

    YES. AHHH I hate those charley horses with a vengeance. Sometimes I can catch em in time and quick pull my toes towards my shin to stop them from really getting bad, but sometimes they happen regardless and OH MY GOD PAIN. I hate it.

  4. Joe said,

    December 7, 2009 at 3:59 PM

    2 cream horns a day instead of 5!!! I love cream horns. I have 3 on Sat. and 3 on Sundays. Maybe they are not as bad as I think!

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