Appetite for (the) Destruction (of Cookies)

Lately, I’ve been trying to get to the root of my appetite. What’s really behind the binges?

I have a few suspects in mind, some of which are the usual:

– Stress!

– The Diet (i.e., “Black and White”) Mentality

– Lower Calorie Intake

Some, though, I’m still investigating. Like …

– Diet products. Sometimes, I feel like the more diet soda, etc., I consume, the more ramped up my appetite. I’d like to cut back, but some (most) days, all I need to satisfy a sweet tooth is a sip of the chemical cola. But, if it’s causing more damage in the long run, I should probably give it up.

– Less sleep?

– Increased excercise. In retrospect, I find that I frequently binge the day after I ramp up a workout; for example, my last binge came the afternoon after a day on which I had worked out twice (and it was the first time I had excercised twice in one day in awhile.) But, this could just be coincidence—you would think that an increased appetite would hit the day of said increased excercise, but, maybe not.

– Lack of nutrients. Sure, I eat healthfully, but am I getting enough fat, protein, calcium, etc.? I actually started out today writing out the nutritional statistics of everything I ate to see how I was doing, nutrient wise … but I got lazy midway through the day and called it quits. Better luck tomorrow, I reckon.

Of course, the binges could just be blamed on the fact that I’ve let it become a bad habit, again. Hmm.

Also, my apologies for the hell of short post; I guess my mind is just elsewhere.

What ramps up your appetite?


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