Rules of the Game

Has anyone else had technical difficulties with Map My Run?

I was really excited when I came across this Web site for the first time, this morning, but—and maybe this is just because my laptop is the mechanical spawn of the devil—the site was a) so sloooooooooooow (you’d think a site related to running would be a bit speedier, ba-dum-PSH!) and b) none of the maps showed up. Or, if they did, it was just a map zoomed out to show China. Do I look like I want my run to be censored by the Chinese government? NO, SIR, I DO NOT. GOOD DAY.

Anyway, I’ve decided to establish a set of rules for “No-Binge November/December.” Originally, it was just, “Well, let’s stay on plan for the entire three weeks!” And, if I came to the end of the three weeks and this was what I had done, it will be totally rad. But, I also want this excercise to help me break out of “black-and-white” thinking; that is, if I have one cookie, I should just have ONE HUNDRED MILLION COOKIES because I’ve blown it, so who cares! So, here are some rules that fit for me, personally; if you want to do this yourself, with me, you’d probably want to change some of the guidelines. Anyway, during “No-Binge November/December” I want to …

1) Stay under 3,000 calories per day for the next three weeks.

Do I want to eat 3,000 calories per day for the next three weeks? Sweet Jesus, no. But for me, I’m at the point where a binge usually clocks in at around 6,000 to 7,000 calories, and a 3,000 calorie day splurge would be a vast improvement over this. And, slip-ups happen. But, 3,000 calories is low enough to allow for only a minor slip, but high enough to let me have that one treat I’m really craving. But, like I said: I’m really hoping that I’ll stick to my plan for the next three weeks, and that days like this might not even happen.

2) An off-plan day must be followed by at least one on-plan day.

One of my biggest problems is also letting my binges spiral into two or three days worth of heavy eating. So, this. Also, I figure if I only need to require one “on-plan” day of myself, it’ll decrease freakouts: For instance, if I said, “Well, I splurged: Now I have to stay ‘on-plan’ for a week,” there’s a chance I’d panic over the potential for failure, which sometimes happens (“STAY ON-PLAN FOR A WEEK I COULDN’T EVEN STAY ON FOR A DAY I CAN’T DO THIS HOM NOM NOM NOM.”) Make sense? Probably not! Let’s move on!

3) For every week I do not binge through Dec. 8, I do not have to weigh myself.

I definitely want to check in as of Dec. 8, but right now, I want to emphasize healthy eating over the number on the scale. Yep.

Ultimately, I’m hoping No-Binge November/December will just break a bad habit; for awhile, I went a really long time without bingeing, and then days I binged just got slowly and steadily closer together. So, I’m hoping that by going three weeks without, I’ll break or at least bend the tendency to binge. That, and if I can do this, it’ll give me a great deal of peace of mind; if I can go three weeks without bingeing, it’ll restore my faith in myself to follow a plan, and thus I’ll be less stressed/more confident in my ability to lose weight following the holidays.

Mmm, easy three mile run this morning. Onward!


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