Stubborn as a Scale

Yep, a mule’s got nothing on my scale: Over the past three days, I’ve dropped a grand total of three-tenths of a pound. Usually after a significant gain like this, I’ve started dropping weight like crazy by now (you may remember a few weeks ago after a steady climb I dropped two pounds in between one morning and the next.) Granted, I guess a lesser gain followed by a smaller loss is better than a substantial one (i.e., the six pound gain I saw following my binge) that is followed by a sharp decrease in my weight, but at least last time I was back into my 120s by the following Tuesday; honestly, I didn’t think this past weekend was any worse, eating-wise, than that weekend binge two weeks ago, and that I would be back into my 120s by this upcoming Tuesday. But, unless my body is just HOLDING ON TO WATER WEIGHT FOR DEAR LIFE, I take this weight stubbornness to mean I gained a legitimate three pounds, which means I gained a pound per splurge day this weekend. And, a gain of a pound per day isn’t the product of an intuitive eating splurge; that’s the product of a binge. Disappointing.

I guess I won’t really know until the end of the week when I officially “weigh-in,” but at the moment I’m gathering I didn’t do nearly as well not overeating as I thought I did. But, I honestly wouldn’t be so worried about the gain if I had the time to lose it. At the moment, I’m just stressed that the following pattern is going to emerge:

Holiday/Celebration –> Gain Weight –> Can’t lose it all in time for next holiday –> Holiday –> More weight gain –> Can’t lose much of that before next holiday –>Holiday –> More weight gain on top of initial weight gain –> Holidays end, back to where I started –> Prolonged period of dieting characterized by “two steps forward, one step back” –> Takes months to lose weight, finish just in time for holidays and haven’t learned intuitive eating/how not to binge –> Holiday/Celebration –> Gain Weight … OK, you get the idea. Honestly, I don’t think I can do another months-long stint of dieting … The frustration would/almost did drive me crazy.



  1. November 13, 2009 at 1:03 AM

    Sigh, I know how you feel. I’m getting “back on track” as we speak. How many times will I get off track and then get back on it? It’s enough to drive me insane. Literally. I’m sitting here in the corner, in the fetal position, gnawing gently at my arm, or something. I mean, not really, but you get the point.


    Tell me about this intuitive eating thing. Are you going by the book? I need all the help I can get right now >.<

    • November 13, 2009 at 8:46 AM

      Man, I feel like I would have been done losing weight AGES ago, but half my time is spent getting in my own way. But, yeah, I’m so frustrated I’m currently babbling to myself (and I mean that literally, unfortunately; I got on the scale this morning and just started yelling gibberish at it, I was so mad.)

      You know, intuitive eating worked/works really well for me when I do it; I’m not following the book, but rather my nutritionist’s advice and my own research. Some of the basic rules I follow are …
      a) Listen to my hunger cues
      b) Wait a half hour after finding that I’m hungry (When I first started doing this, I was shocked to find how often I just forgot to eat that half hour later because I wasn’t actually hungry, initially; it’s like while dieting, I forgot what hunger felt like because I just ate “every three to five hours” regardless)
      c) Eating meals via “matchmaking”; that is, eating a meal that fits what I crave rather than a certain calorie count. I was kind of surprised to find how often this was something healthy rather than junk, and that when I ate intuitively, I actually went UNDER my calories pretty frequently because I wasn’t just eating because I had “more calories left;” I was eating when I was hungry and I ate until I was satisfied.
      Unfortunately, I’m back to counting calories because I’m above my goal range at the moment, and I feel that in order to lose weight, the only way to do is to count calories (it’s “safe”), even though the reason it TOOK ME SO LONG TO LOSE WEIGHT was I felt so deprived counting calories that I binged sometimes. I do not understand myself. But, I have been kind of combining intuitive eating and calorie counting; that is, I don’t eat if I’m not hungry and if I’m really craving something, I just have it but I don’t get into that “Oh, I’ve had one thing so I should just toss it” mentality—I just have the one thing rather than one-knuckle it.

    • November 13, 2009 at 8:57 AM

      Also, I know you’re doing WW, and you may/may not be interested in the anti-WW tirade I wrote back in the day in this post (scroll down a bit):
      I still binge eat on occasion, but its about once a month versus about once a week I was doing while counting points. IDK, something to think about.

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