Wedding Weekend Recap

a) The wedding was rad! The bride (who is an artist and a sweetheart, to boot) designed the groom’s tux and added her personal touch to the usual wedding traditions, so it made for a very interesting celebration.

b) I won’t really know how well I did, eating-wise, until tomorrow’s weigh-in, but I still want to evaluate the time I spent at home. Except, I’m evaluating not so much on the basis of what I ate, but rather how and with what I ate my indulgences.

Thursday: This day is the day that I think I did the best. I knew that when I got home I would be having some special treats, so I passed by the bakery at South Station and packed a lunch rather than eat at a place like McDonald’s. When I got home, I had some of my favorite candy (which my mum picked up for me) and some ice cream. Granted, I probably had a little too much of both, but I didn’t get that “toss it” mentality and didn’t just start eating random stuff that was in the house. Also, I listened to my hunger cues during dinner, and ended up only eating about half of it. All in all, a very good day practicing intuitive eating.

Rating (Out of 5, where 5 was a perfect intuitive eating day and 1 was abysmal): 4

Friday: This day, I shouldn’t have overindulged at all, so I automatically have to take off mad points. However, the day started off well, and I have to give myself credit for trying to salvage the day after I started eating junk food. Basically, if you haven’t read my earlier post on Friday, I went to the grocery store, saw some Tim Tams and just dove right in. I followed this up with a pint of Haagen-Daaz (which I justified eating by saying that it was the “Five” variety, and that I couldn’t get this up at Brandeis so it was OK to eat it since it wasn’t something I could have all the time), a pack of Peanut M&Ms and a pack of regular M&Ms. Fortunately, I only made it through half of the pint and second bag of M&Ms before I came to my senses, and I had a healthy dinner. Later on, though, I caved to peer pressure and had some more treats. But, the day wasn’t a total bust, and I feel like a stopped a binge in its tracks, which is a pretty big step.

Rating: 2

Saturday: Wedding day! I did really well at the wedding itself, but I slipped a little before and after: I had a healthy breakfast, but somehow convinced myself I was still hungry after and downed a pack of Pop Tarts. And, after the wedding, I went to the super market and picked up a pint of ice cream and some Rice Krispy Treats for some reason. But, while at the store, I made a conscious decision to only get one treat besides the ice cream (usually, if I were on a binge I would just get whatever along with a billion candy bars from the checkout). Of course, I shouldn’t have been at the store at all, but whatever. I had cereal for dinner (because I recognized I wasn’t really that hungry), and while at the wedding, I only visited the buffet table once per course (that is, when they brought out cheese, crackers, fruit, etc., I only had one plate that was mostly veggies, and later when they brought out a dessert buffet I had only one plate with two pieces of baklava, a cupcake and a small pastry, and then didn’t go back again). So, while I’m really proud that I paced myself at the wedding (I also only had a portion of my entree, and really tried to listen to my hunger cues), I need to get out of that “eating day” mentality. 

Rating: 3

Ugh, weigh in day tomorrow. I know I’ve gained, I’m just hoping that I can lose whatever I put on this weekend by the time I go home for Thanksgiving (two weeks!). Also, I really need to pay better attention while grocery shopping: My mum was kind enough to pay for a big shopping trip while I was home, and I bought a four pack of tuna on said venture. But, I went to prepare a can today, and found I had bought tuna in oil rather than water, which I won’t use. So, I basically wasted some of my mom’s money. Blergh.


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  1. Emily said,

    November 9, 2009 at 6:52 PM

    A) The bride made the grooms tux?! Too cool!

    B) Thanksgiving break is in two weeks! Yay! 😀

    C) I have done the same thing before…put the tuna in a collander and rinse with water until it’s oil-free….voila!

    D) I like making lists too!

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