The Road to Hell …

Well, I had good intentions of doing well for the rest of the day, but after work (I help my mom with her evening cleaning job when I’m home), my mother and I ended up stopping by the convenience store for milk, and we ended up each getting a Dove ice cream bar and some more Tim Tams and splitting a Twix bar. Le sigh. Granted, it’s not a binge, but now I’m a) stressed about how I’m going to look tomorrow and b) stressed about how much I’ll have gained this weekend. Today wasn’t a binge by any means, but I should have eaten well today when I knew I was going to be splurging tomorrow. At least I made somewhat of an effort to stop eating, though; I didn’t chomp non-stop, and at the end of the evening I didn’t start diving through the cupboards. Still, I just ate way too much for a day after a splurge and the day before a splurge.

I really wish I could find a happy medium with my eating habits. I don’t want to spend three days a week for the rest of my overeating and thus dieting every other week. It’s just ridiculous! I guess I’m doing a lot better with splurges then I used to be (that is, I don’t have one treat and immediately think, “Screw it, get me a pint and a takeout menu), but I don’t understand why I can’t limit myself to one treat some days. Also, why does my appetite vary so much? Two days ago, I ate 1,500 calories a day two days in a row and was satisfied, and now I’ve eaten about 5,000 calories two days in a row, which is just too much. What gives?


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