Quick Quick!

Yay, I made it home! A swift update (it strikes like a ninja!):

1. Taking the bus was exciting!

2. I haven’t binged while I’ve been home, but I have hell of overate /sadface. Yesterday, I had a bunch of candy and way too much ice cream. This wouldn’t be a big deal, but today I let myself get too hungry and I ended up eating an entire box of Tim Tams while grocery shopping. Luckily, there’s only 10 cookies in a container, but still. Also, I followed those up with a pack of M&Ms and some Haagen-Daaz. HOWEVER, I am proud of myself that this hasn’t turned into a binge: I threw away most the ice cream when I found I wasn’t enjoying it, and I am now chomping on some gum and don’t plan on eating again until dinner (a healthy Weight Watchers stir fry. Yum!) I’m a little disappointed that I won’t look my best for the wedding tomorrow, though.

3. I’ve gotten to hang out with my mom, yay!

Alright, back to preparing dinner!


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