Liar, Liar

It’s a good thing all my pants are still sopping wet, otherwise they would have spontaneously combusted this morning; yes, I weighed in today and that makes me a liar.

But, I just wanted to see if maybe I had eked into my goal range; technically, I don’t have to diet if I’m under 130, but anything between that and 129.5 is pushing it, a little. Fortunately, I was in my goal range this morning and didn’t gain in between yesterday and today, otherwise I would have been hell of upset with myself for putting myself in a mental place where I would obsess about my weight all weekend.

I’m back down to 129.1 (Hooray!), which means I’m only a tenth of a pound higher than before I binged. I’m really pleased with myself for not letting the binge spiral into a massive gain, which is what has happened the last several years whenever I hit my goal weight. I’m a little sad, though, because if I hadn’t binged I might have been in my 128s or lower when I went home for the weekend. But, whatevs! I’m in good shape and I just need to let  go of (but not forget) the past.

I wanted to run outdoors this morning, but thanks to Rude Person of the Laundry Room all my outdoor running gear is hella damp. But, maybe this is a blessing in disguise; a road run might aggravate my knee again, so it’s probably for the best that I’m going to have to run on the indoor track.

I hope that stupid recorder issue gets resolved today. I hate when stuff like that is hanging over my head, especially when I can’t do anything about it!

Well, I’m off!


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