Home Again, Home Again (To Jiggidy-Jig, Not Piggidy-Pig)

Well … I think I’ve packed everything, which means I have forgotten something. I’m leaving tomorrow for the homeland (hoorah!), but I am mild to moderately freaked out about the following:

a) I’m taking the MBTA/going to South Station for the first time. Yes, I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life and the greater Boston-area for four years and I have never taken the MBTA bus before. Please cease pointing/laughing. Anyway, as long as the bus rolls up to Brandeis at the proper time, I’m good for that stretch of the journey, but what I’m really worried about is getting from my bus stop in Boston to South Station. According to the MBTA Web site, it’s only an eight-minute walk from stop to station, BUT THAT COULD BE A HORRIBLE LIE. ALSO, I CAN GET VERY LOST IN EIGHT MINUTES.

b) Intuitive eating! I know it would be very difficult for even me to gain 10 pound in three days, but I’m still worried I’m going to slip and binge this weekend and start a downward spiral. Honestly, I know I’ll probably have gained by next Tuesday’s weigh-in, but I’m hoping it’s a manageable gain, i.e., one that I can get rid of in the two weeks before Thanksgiving. Still, I ate intuitively today and did well, so hopefully that trend will continue throughout the weekend.

Wish me luck!


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