(Un)natural Foods

Do you find when you’re dieting, you tend to eat the same foods every day?

Personally, I know when I’m counting calories (e.g., right now), I rely on a certain set of foods that I know will provide me with enough protein/nutrients while I’m cutting my calorie intake. But, even though I only ate intuitively on and off for three weeks, counting calories and eating certain planned foods just feels … unnatural, now. While I was eating intuitively, I ate what sounded satisfying, and 90% of the time, I was satisfied. Lately, though, I find that while I’m (usually) full, I’m not satisfied. Alas. And, I’m definitely falling back into the “eating when I’m not hungry just because I have the extra calories available.”

I’m a little sad that I hit my maintenance right before the holidays, as I know that in the near future I’m going to be counting calories again, even after this dieting stint (which will hopefully end in success—I hope I can lose this last pound in the next three days!). But, I’ve been trying to plan for the next few months how I’m going to eat, and what I’m thinking is that even if I’m in my goal range (and this is why I say I know I’m going to have to count calories), I’m going to follow my diet plan so that I can maybe lose a little weight BEFORE the holidays so I have less to lose after. But, I would only count so long as it didn’t get in the way of my enjoying any festivities. Around holidays, though, I have certain days that are set aside for intuitive eating, so I get a break. I don’t know how good a plan this is, though. Le sigh. Maybe I just shouldn’t count/weigh at all for the next two months and just listen to my body. I’m honestly not sure. All I know is, I want to get back into my goal range ASAP after the holidays so I can have another extended period of learning intuitive eating and, maybe, not having to go back to calorie counting for a very long while.

Eh, I should get my butt in gear; I haven’t showered yet and I have class in an hour! I took a long walk this morning, and it was nice but I’m glad I have a Yoga session scheduled for tomorrow; my legs are killin’ me.


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