Gains and Goals

Usually, today would be my “official” weigh-in day, but I’m skipping it on account of the fact that I’m doing an early weigh-in next Thursday, the day I leave to go home for the weekend/wedding. For reference, though, I’m up three pounds from last week (eek!), but down a pound from yesterday (phew). The scale giveth and the scale taketh away. I’m hoping that downward trend continues, though.

I came across this post on Allison’s Balance in Bites last night, and I’m really lovin’ on it and the idea of list-making. There’s something really satisfying and definitive about making a list, so I am going to copy her and make one here detailing my goals for the holiday season, which—starting with the wedding next weekend—will stretch until about January 1 (How convenient, a Friday! My weigh-in day.)

The holiday season is always the most difficult time for me, food-wise. Last year, I had lost a little weight before the holidays, but once the season hit I packed on the pounds and hit my highest weight. And, it wasn’t weight gained over the course of the season, either; it was the product of several binges that I had on holidays/the days before and after said holidays. I’m hoping that by making a list of goals, I’ll keep my head and not regain all this weight. So, without further ado:

Goals for the Holiday Season (November 1 – December 31)

1. Don’t Binge

The bottom line is, bingeing is gross: It makes me feel disgusting, it puts on hell of weight and it is unbecoming of a lady to eat half a loaf of bread that is meant for your entire family at Thanksgiving dinner. And, this goal leads me to my next goal:

2. Enjoy the Holidays

Even if I’m dieting (well, not “dieting,” hopefully, but just being careful about what I eat), these times/delicious things only roll around once a year. And, half the time, the reason I binge is I feel so deprived. So, I need to learn loosen up and enjoy myself; chances are, it’ll lead to less weight gain in the long run if I practice indulging in moderation and keep intuitive eating in mind.

3. Don’t Let My Weight Creep Above 132

This is kind of dependent on how well I do this week, as if I find myself back down in my 120s it’s feasible, but otherwise I may just have to settle for a higher range during the holidays if I want to stay sane. As I mentioned previously, I was at my highest weight in recent years after the holidays. But, if I meet the two goals listed above, I can probably stay below this point and, thus, not have a huge stretch of dieting ahead of me after the holidays. And this leads me to my next goal:

4. Lose the Holiday Weight Before Going Back to School in January

I know/accept that I’m going to gain weight over the holidays. BUT, I should not gain a ridiculous amount of weight, and if I don’t binge and just keep my head, this goal is entirely feasible. And the motivation for this goal goes beyond vanity: This year, when I came back to college I wanted to be at my goal weight, but I screwed around so much over the summer that I didn’t do it, and I ended up going back to school and missing out on doing stuff with my friends (e.g., going out to dinner) because I was so concerned about reaching my goal. Next semester is my last semester of college, and I want to go into it NOT worried about losing weight.

Hoorah, goals! Now to actually meet them. And now to actually go to the gym.


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