Let’s Get Our Bloat On

Does anyone else just have no motivation lately? Yesterday, after my midterm, I was going to do all the things that got put on the back-burner on account of the fact that I needed to devote all my time to studying, but instead I just ended up crashing and eating a bunch of junk food. Speaking of which, it’s interesting that when I was eating intuitively, the day following my splurge I tried my best to eat light to make up for it, but yesterday, when I was “starting my diet,” I ate a bunch of junk “because I had the calories for it.” And now, I’m up another half a pound. If this isn’t mostly water weight and I’m not back down in my 120s by next week, I am seriously going to flip my shit.

Seriously, though, I could really just use a day to get things done, but of course today is mad busy. Also, I’ve been so tired lately. What’s the deal? Usually I look forward to Tuesday morning yoga, but I just want to go back to bed. AND, even though I don’t have to go for my run for 24 hours, I’m already dreading it.


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