Goin’ Runnin’ and GoLean

In a session that was the complete opposite of last week’s interval workout, I hella plowed this morning; I ended up shaving three minutes off my time for running 6 miles (NEW RECORD: 1 hr., 4 minutes and 9 seconds) and ended up doing 6.4 miles total at increased intensity. I actually could have gone for longer, I think, but I’m hesitant to extend my workouts. On the one hand, I want to get stronger, but at the same time I don’t want to start an excercise routine that I can’t keep up—it would be mad dreadful if I started exercising more and, consequently, eating more only to have to cut back on my workouts at some point in the near future because of a new job or some such thing.

I would have liked to sleep in today, but if I want to use the machines in my school’s mini-gym (the main gym doesn’t open until 10 a.m.) for my interval workout, then I need to get there early—machines tend to fill up fast later in the morning, and the equipment at both the main gym and the mini-gym has a half-hour time limit. So, if I want to use the machine for my full 70-minute long routine, I need to get there before everyone else has need of the equipment and can justifiably boot me off mid-workout. I think tomorrow I’m going to walk, though, and the outdoors don’t have a time limit and are open 24 hours, last I checked, so I’ll get out to excercise when I feel like it.

I wrote down everything I ate yesterday, but I didn’t count calories. It was a little weird, going through the day and not knowing how many calories I had left and such—I was really trying to avoid the mental tally—but at the end of the day I felt good about the experience; I had eaten when I was hungry and satisfied my cravings, and though I probably could have used an additional snack at the end of the day, it was 10 p.m. when I became hungry and I couldn’t be bothered to have a snack so close to bedtime. It’s interesting, though, that when you’re not counting calories you don’t just eat to eat, which I found I frequently did while I was dieting—if I had 300 calories left at the end of the day, I would eat them regardless of whether I was hungry or not. That, and I’ve found I need far fewer and much smaller snacks than I did while dieting; at my main meals, I use the “matchmaking” technique, which means I pick something that really sounds good rather than according to calories, and the result is that I’m satisfied for much longer. And, contrary to what I thought prior to starting intuitive eating, eating “whatever I want” hasn’t entailed copious amounts of junk food. Instead, when no foods are off limits, I find that 90% I really want some healthy/hearty.

Dang, I need a shower. Not only do I smell hell of terrible, but I am also mad chilly because I/my sweat has cooled off. Eww. Usually I’d have cereal for breakfast, but I’m really feeling something hot today; I picked up some of Kashi’s new GoLean Strawberry Flax frozen waffles the other day at the grocery store, and they are so good, so I think I’ll hit those up.


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