Weigh-In Day: End of Week Two of Maintenance

Come on, no gain, no gain, no gain! Mama wants to try at least a partial week of intuitive eating!

Last Week’s Weight: 128.4

This Week’s Weight: 129 (DAMMIT!)

Loss/Gain: .6 of a pound

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 2,130 (Oof, jeeze—I was shooting for an average of 1,900 this week. But, this isn’t really an accurate representation of how I ate; my candy splurge day really throws the average out of whack, seeing as how five out of seven days this week I only ate between 1,400 and 1,800 calories.)


Cardio Week
10/16: 5 mile walk
10/17: 6 mile walk/run
10/18: 6.15 mile run
10/19: 5.35 mile walk
10/20: Yoga
10/21: 6 mile run
10/22: 6.5 mile walk/run

Urgh … another week of gaining weight. I’m a little upset my weight seems to be creeping up, but, if I need to “diet”/eat light to stay with my goal range every three weeks or so, then, so be it; I’d rather eat intuitively 75% of the time and diet 25% of the time then let me life be controlled by calorie counting 100% of the time. I’m also mildly concerned, though, as yesterday and the day before I ate very light (only about 1,400 calories). Of course, this may also have backfired; when I was weighing myself every day, I sometimes found that the morning following the day I ate the least was sometimes the morning on which I weighed the most. What?

I’m slightly encouraged, though, that the gain puts my daily caloric maintenance level at around 1,850 calories, whereas last week the gain put my maintenance level at around 1,700. Unless, that is, you take into account the extra miles I logged this week, then my maintenance intake is still around 1,700. … Frick. Honestly, I do not know what my body’s deal is. Maybe it is still just adjusting to extra calories, maybe I’m putting on muscle. I have no idea! But, I guess I should just be well pleased I’m making progress with intuitive eating and that I’ve stayed within my 120s for about three weeks now.

I think this week I’m going to keep a loose record of what I eat, but not count calories; that way, I can at least estimate my daily caloric intake at the end of the week and see how it relates to how much I lose or gain. The only time I may count is when, at the end of the day, I find I want some cookies or something, and it’s not so much a matter of “How many cookies do I need to satisfy my hunger” as “How many cookies can I have without totally overeating.”

My goals for the week are a) to start paying attention to my hunger cues while eating (sometimes, I think a eat an entire portion of something just because it’s in front of me, rather than because I need the whole portion) and b) to eat something that I don’t necessarily know the calorie content of—I need to get away from eating “safe” foods all the time. It is OK to estimate, self!


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