To Weigh or Not to Weigh

I was really tempted to step on the scale this morning, just because I’ve been so stressed out about where I’m at in the aftermath of my candy splurge.

When I spoke with the nutritionist, she approved of my decision to weigh myself once a week. However, I’m wondering if I should weigh myself more frequently, as right now, after eating intuitively for a day and having that day involve an indulgence, I’m afraid to eat on account of the fact that I don’t know where my weight is at. But, if I were to weigh myself every day, I could just go by whatever I weighed that morning and eat a little more or a little less. At the same time, though, I don’t want to let my hunger or eating be based on my weight on a day to day base—it’d be easy to start ignoring internal cues because of the number on the scale that I saw that morning.

Sometimes, I’m tempted to just toss the scale altogether, particularly when I consider that one of the thinnest people I know never weighs herself. But, I’m so afraid I would get the pudge without realizing it that I don’t know if I could go without.


On the positive side, I went for a 6 mile run this morning on ze roads, and Glee/So You Think You Can Dance are on tonight. Mmm … distractions. I really need to find a new running plan, though; I finished up the Women’s Health 6 week plan, and I need some guidance on how to now go about improving my endurance and such.

MEANWHILE, ON THE INTUITIVE EATING FRONT: I’ve been trying to listen my hunger rather than just eating a meal that fits with a certain amount of calories, but I’m having difficulty breaking out of the “eating at certain times” cycle. When I was dieting, I always ate about every three hours, regardless of whether I was really hungry or not. And now, 8 o’clock p.m., for example, will roll around, and I’ll say “Oh, I think I’m a little hungry and it’s snack time, so I must be hungry.” On Friday, I may just have to have an experimental day where I don’t pack any meals and such (becomes sometimes I just eat because I’ve packed a snack) and ignore clocks/eat only when I’m truly hungry.

How often do you weigh yourself, if at all?


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