The End of an Era

I have a confession:

I splurged last night.

I splurged a lot.

But, what I didn’t do is binge. In the past, whenever I “fell off the wagon,” the result would be a massive consumption of anything and everything in sight, regardless of whether it appealed to me or not. And last night, I had what I wanted and that was it (one Kashi TLC bar and a slice of bread notwithstanding).

I was hungry, and I wanted that candy. So, after literally agonizing about it for an hour, I thought, “I deserve it,” and just ate it. And I enjoyed it. And, if I get on the scale this week and I’ve gained a little, so be it—I’ll eat well until I’m back to where I want  class=”hiddenGrammarError” pre=”want “>to be. I may even still be within my acceptable range, because I didn’t binge—I just enjoyed. And, there’s still candy leftover (granted, there was a lot of candy to begin with and there’s not that much candy left, but that’s besides the point). I ate until I was full, and it felt good.

I’m done counting calories; it obviously doesn’t work for me, and it’s time for me to start living my life, anyway.

So, since I seem to have jumped feet first into intuitive eating, it’s fortunate that I have an appointment with my school’s nutritionist today, who I was going to talk to about easing into intuitive eating. I shall share her wisdom later.


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