In stitches

Something about the fall/winter just makes me not want to workout; even though I excercise indoors most of the time, some days I wake up and just the idea of walking from my dorm to the gym at 8 a.m. in the cold just makes me want to say, “Forget it.” Today was especially difficult, but I made to the gym only to start running and develop a massive stitch in my side. I think it lasted for at least half of my hour-long workout, which is too bad because I was doing intervals today and as a general rule I find this type of session to be really enjoyable (For those of you who find running/walking on a treadmill really tedious, I highly recommend trying intervals; they essentially require you to break your workout down into segments, and doing so really makes your workout go by more quickly.) That, and I just had no oomph today, probably because I didn’t eat very much yesterday; Even though I’m still counting calories, I’m at least trying to practice eating intuitively. For example, usually I would just eat whatever amount of calories I had allotted for each meal, but now I’m gauging my hunger whenever I sit down to eat and adjusting each meal accordingly. Yesterday, this meant that I ate 1,490 calories when I could have had 1,600. Regardless, I wasn’t able to run as hard as I did during my last interval session, which is kind of disappointing, but at least I got the job done. I think tomorrow I’ll take a nice walk.

The weather here today is hell of terrible, and I really just feel like putting on my pajamas and lounging around. But, there is work to be done and the library calls. Away!


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