Weigh-In Day: End of Week One of Maintenance

Last Week’s Weight: 128.2

This Week’s Weight: 128.4

Loss/Gain: .2 of a pound

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1800


Yoga Week

10/09: Yoga

10/10: 6 mile run

10/11: 5 mile walk

10/12: 1 hour weight lifting session

10/13: Yoga

10/14: 6.5 mile walk/run

10/15: 6.4 mile run

Eh … I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty disappointed. Honestly, I was hoping I’d lose a bit so I could tack on about 100 more calories per day to my daily intake. And, I’m really kind of surprised that I didn’t lose and that 1,800 calories per day is probably my maintenance level as far as calories go; while looking at other blogs, I found a lot of people maintaining their weight who are either shorter than me or less active but report eating at least 2,000 calories per day. But, maybe my metabolism just isn’t that great. However, I also know that I’ve had weeks while dieting where I did flawlessly but still inexplicably gained or didn’t lose that much. So, maybe this is just a fluke and I happened to weigh myself on a day where my weight fluctuated up a bit. But, if I gain again next week, I might have to think about taking my daily caloric intake down to 1,700 (which would suck). By the same token, though, I might lose and then I’ll be able to boost my calories again. And if I maintain, well … that’s that.

I’m really pleased with myself, though, for not going totally overboard and essentially regaining all the weight I’d lost the first week after having hit my goal weight; I think this is the first time since I’ve started dieting that this hasn’t happened, or that I haven’t at least had a “binge day” in the week after reaching my goal weight.

Man, it is snowing outside. Not particularly hard, but enough to make me feel like doing jack shit today. But, of course, I actually have allot to do today:

a) Interview the Roman Catholic chaplain at Brandeis for a Journalism project at 10 a.m.

b) Walk to the grocery store in the snow, poor me/Buy food

c) Go to my Roman Art and Archeology Class

d) Go to the gym (I didn’t want to be late for my interview with the priest, so I decided to put off my excercise until this afternoon. Ew.)


Have you ever had a week where you did really well with your diet/eating plan only to have disappointing results? What kind of results did you see the following week?


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