Stress, stress, baby.

Ugh, sorry for the radio silence of the last couple of days; it’s hard to stay motivated to write a blog that no one reads (however, big props to the one person who stopped by yesterday. We appreciate your business!), but I was also finishing up my term at the Justice (WHOO) and studying for/taking a midterm.

I thought that once I was done with those two things, my life would be practically stress free. And, while I am allot less stessed now that those two things are taken care of (particularly now that I’m done as Arts Editor for the Justice/late Monday nights—I’ve been waiting for that to be over for awhile), I have managed to become my own source of stress. To be specific, I’m freaking out that I’ll gain weight this week.

What if last week’s weigh-in was a fluke? What if I don’t lose this week and I’m stuck eating an average of 1,800 calories for the rest of my life? I want more food! What if I gain and have to diet again?

It’s pretty ridiculous, particularly when you consider I’ve only increased my weekly caloric intake by 700 calories, i.e., one-fifth of a pound. I will be both glad and apprehensive when Friday rolls around, as I haven’t weighed myself at all this week. And, even if I were to gain a little, what does it matter? I feel like I look good. Why am I so focused on the number?

I think I’m going to go for a walk this morning, maybe that will calm me down.

I’ll try and post the daily chomps later, but I’m not really sure how interesting they are, particularly without pictures. Maybe I’ll just do a review of the new Yoplait Light flavors that I tried.

I bet you are tingling with suspense.


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