Product Review: Amy’s Kitchen Stuffed Pasta Shell Bowl

Since I’ve become a college student, I occasionally get a little angry at my mom for spoiling me with good spaghetti sauce. For, every frozen meal I crack open that contains an even a slightly sub par combination of tomatoes and spices is—for me—inedible.

“Compared to my mother’s sauce, this is napalm,” I’ll shriek as I banish the dish containing the offending sauce to the trash. Later, I’ll weep as I consume a cereal-oriented replacement for the failed attempt at Italian cuisine.

And yet, like some foodie with Alzheimer’s, I always mosey over to the pasta/red sauce combinations whenever I find myself in need of a frozen meal for dinner. Always, I am disappointed.

Or, I was always disappointed, until I came across Amy’s Kitchen’s pasta products; Amy’s Kitchen describes their Stuffed Pasta Shell Bowl as “tender organic pasta shells stuffed with low fat ricotta and organic vegetables in a genuine Italian tomato sauce and smooth, creamy white sauce. A delightfully rich comfort food, perfect for guests and special occasions,” and the product certainly matches the advertising.

To begin, the sauce—unlike the sauce in many other frozen meal’s I’ve angrily sampled—is not cloyingly sweet or dominated by an overpowering mix of herbs. Instead, it tastes like a mellow combination of fresh tomatoes and garlic.

The shells, themselves don’t contain any sauce; rather they’re nestled in the cream sauce (which, when it cools, is kind of like a sidedish—I found myself digging out a spoon mid-dinner to eat the delicious, cheesy faux-soup) and covered with a thin (but not too sparse) layer of the prized tomato sauce. And, while the shells themselves are  composed of a fairly hearty pasta, the bounty of ricotta cheese with which they are filled wrecks havoc on the shell structure; when you cut into a shell, it immediately falls apart, and you’re left eating the pasta and filling separately. But, while this is a minor drawback, I don’t really feel like I can complain about too much ricotta cheese. That is a just a sin against humanity.

Like most Amy’s products, the Stuffed Shell Pasta Bowl has some pretty stellar nutritional facts: one serving has 310 calories, 13 grams of fat (which some may consider a little high, but I don’t mind), 5 grams of fiber and a nifty 19 grams of protein. And, these bowls are very filling; most frozen meals I would say are suitable only for lunch or a hearty snack, but this pasta bowl is satisfying enough to serve as dinner.

Now, to see if my mother has secretly taken to cooking in Amy’s Kitchen.


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