Product Review: Lean Cuisine BBQ recipe Chicken Pizza-Wood Fire Style

Product Description: “Tender white meat chicken, onions,cilantro,reduced fat mozzarella & cheddar cheeses in a tangy BBQ sauce on a crispy thin crust.”

I love bread products. As a child, I required my own loaf of italian bread at family gatherings, and on occasion my anti-anxiety medication of choice is a nice, crusty loaf of carbohydrates. I also love cheese. I also love meals that allow for laziness. This evening, I reached for the abovementioned Lean Cuisine out of a desire for a meal that combined mashed my loves together in a glorious, food menage a trois. Also, I was meeting Mr. Daz later that evening, and I wanted a dinner that was light on calories. So, I popped that bitch in the microwave and watched bread, cheese and BBQ sauce make love to one another.

Unfortunately, the love child they produced comes from a defective dining gene pool. The sauce on the pizza was sweet and hardly classified as a BBQ style sauce; there was no spice or kick, and instead just tasted like ketchup that had several extra packets of sugar in it. The “new” (but apparently not improved) crust was flavorless and chewy. However, I must add that Lean Cuisine states that you should microwave the pizza for an extra 15 seconds if you would like a crisper crust, and I only microwaved the pizza for the 2 minute, 30 second minimum dictated by the basic instructions. I do not think the extra 15 seconds would help the crust taste like anything other than a sponge, though.

The cheese on the pizza was a decent mozzarella that was unfortunately overwhelmed by the excessive quantity of floppy onion bits and ketchup sauce. And, even though the pizza has above-average nutrition stats (340 calories, 7 g. of fat, 430 g. of sodium [which is pretty good for a frozen meal] and 20 g. of protein), I was hungry half an hour later and just ended up chomping on snacks and consuming the calories I had tried to save by having this for dinner. Alas. Fortunately, Lean Cuisine isn’t entirely hopeless in the pizza department; if you’re craving ye olde cheese-on-crust, just go for the company’s French Bread pizza instead of this sub-par offering.


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