Use your stove; there are kitchen-less kids in college.

For the most part, Brandeis is a pretty rad place. But, whenever I look at other food blogs and see the authors’ delightful kitchen-made culinary masterpieces, I turn on my school like a small child denied candy.

“Everyone else has a kitchen! I WANT ONE!”

“No, you’ll burn down the whole goddamned building!”

And then I throw myself down on the ground and cry and cry and cry, because I want a kitchen in my dorm.

Wait, let me rephrase that; I have a kitchen, it’s just a really shitty one composed of a hot plate perched on a windowsill and a toaster. You see, at home, I’m actually a pretty big regular practitioner of the culinary arts. I love making healthy meals like stir fry, so when I initially started college it was a bit of a culture shock to not have a kitchen; indeed, probably half the reason I gained weight was just because I was so stressed out by the inability to make my own food/I didn’t know how to find nutritious meals at the dining halls. I’ve adjusted by now, but my meals are pretty boring and, occasionally, unsatisfactory as a result of not having a place to cook. So, when you get tired of hearing about my having had hotdogs for dinner the fifth night in a row, don’t blame me; blame Brandeis.

Granted, the school does have some redeeming qualities; tomorrow, I get to start my day with a Yoga class courtesy of the school’s Physical Education department. And, recently, the school began releasing the nutritional information for certain foods prepared in the dining halls. The school also provides students with a nutritionist, who I plan on going to see within the next two weeks about transitioning to intuitive eating. Still, the school could stand to take some more strides in the nutrition department.

Ugh, I need to get to the Justice office; for the paper’s editorial staff, today is our weekly “production day,” i.e., the day we put together the the latest issue. For some editors, this means being at the office from noon to 4 a.m. As the Arts Editor, though, I’ll hopefully be done by midnight. Fingers crossed!


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