Rediscovering Intuition: Day 13 of the Final Diet

During my mid- to late-teens, I ignored what my body told me 90% of the time. If I was hungry and had the shakes from low blood sugar, I ignored it; I only had 20 WWs points for the day and I had to stay within that range, goddammit, so we were having raspberries for a snack and that was final. I was also, I guess, what you could call an “excercise bulimic;” I exercised twice a day, and if I was tired I still cracked the whip on my own back until I got the treadmill for a second time that day. So, when before I would have run on a given day regardless of how I felt because it was “part of my program,” the fact that I got up today, recognized I felt achy and went for a walk, instead, shows that even though I am still a little hung up on my weight I have changed somewhat for the better within the last few years.

I know, I’m such an inspiration.

But, I know you’re not here to read about my greatness. You want to know what I put in my mouth today.

Pre-Workout Snack (8 a.m.): Ye olde peanut butter on bread (80 calories)

Breakfast (10 a.m.): 1/2 cup of Oatmeal made with 5 oz. of skim milk and 5 g. of brown sugar (220 calories); 13 g. of almonds (80 calories)

You know it’s getting cold outside when I make the transition from cold cereal to oatmeal. Though, in an effort to still get a sufficient amount of protein out of my morning meal, I tried making my oatmeal with milk for the first time today. Oh, man, so tasty. And, I took a page out of Tina’s book and mixed my brown sugar into my oatmeal before microwaving it (I used to just sprinkle it on top after the fact, like some kind of peasant), and it certainly made a difference; my brown sugar was much more evenly distributed. But, I think I used a little too much milk; I like my oats kind of chewy, and they came out more … floaty. I’ll try making it with only 4 oz. of milk, next time. I’m going to have to experiment with various toppings, too. Does anyone have any suggestions for oatmeal flavorings?

Lunch (1 p.m.): Roast beef sandwich (170 calories); 1/2 an apple (30 calories); Yoplait Light Thick and Creamy Strawberry Yogurt (100)

Today, I was stuck at the Justice office from 1 to 6 p.m., so I packed my meals for the day. Anyway, I don’t know why, but there’s something much more satisfying about a warm breakfast than a cold one, as I was only mildly hungry when lunch time rolled around. I still padded my lunch today, though, with a serving of yogurt. I used to be a big fan of Yoplait’s Thick and Creamy, so I decided to give their “Light” edition a try. It had a nice, candy-sweet strawberry flavor, but I could taste the chemical twang of the fake sugar underneath it. That, and the texture was more gelatinous than creamy. I might have to explore other light yogurts.

Snack (3 p.m.): Tuna sandwich (150 calories); 1/2 an apple (30 calories)

Dang, I ate extra at lunch and I was still hungry an hour later. Being the trooper that I am, though, I waited to eat my snack until 3 p.m.

Dinner (6 p.m.): 100 grams of Barilla Pasta Plus made with 4 g. of butter and topped with 5 g. of Parmesan cheese (420 calories)

There are very few foods that I feel guilty eating, mostly because I can find some kind of redeeming nutritional quality in just about anything.

Ice cream? Look at all the calcium in that shit, man.

Lard? Fat makes your hair shiny, right? Tomorrow, I’m going to look like a goddamned lighthouse, it’s gonna be awesome.

But, with pasta—maybe because I need a massive serving to feel full—I just can’t eat without thinking “EMPTY CAAAAAAAAAAARBS.” And, unfortunately, I love the stuff. So, what’s a lady to do? I tried the whole wheat pasta, but it just wasn’t the same, so I went without for awhile. However, I recently discovered Barilla Pasta Plus, which not only tastes pretty damn close to the real deal but also earns mad props for having 17 g. of protein in a 100 g. serving. And, said serving is hella filling, even without anything on the side or any lean protein.

Snack (8 p.m.): 58 g. of Special K Protein Plus with 2 oz. of skim milk

Awww, yeaaaaaaah… I switched it up in here. Not too shabby, but I really could have gone for another round with Mr. Daz. Ah, well; maybe next week.


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