Thanks for nothing, weather.

I was originally going to haul my ass downtown today to see a movie, but at the moment it is literally down pouring, and the forecast for later is “heavy rain and a thunderstorm;” I may be dedicated to the cinema, but I’m just not willing to perish by way of lightning attempting to get there. I have to walk, you see, as I am not in posession of a car at my college location. Normally, I don’t mind the walk at all, and I actually usually enjoy it, but on days like today it’s mildly inconvenient that walking is my only mode of transportation. Alas. I think I’ll just hit the gym and the grocery store and then call it a day. The grocery store requires walking, too, but that’s only a mile from campus as opposed to the movie theater’s two mile distance.

I think I’m going to have to start replacing a day of running with a day of walking; whereas before, when I was doing three miles per session, it wasn’t a big deal to run hard two days in a row, running five to six miles two days isn’t a row just isn’t doin’ it for me. I woke up last night with a mad cramp in my leg, and while before I looked forward to going to the gym to see how far I could go, today going to the gym holds all the appeal of … well … going to the gym to run in place for an hour. Let’s not get over dramatic, here. So, I may start following my day of running with a day of walking. I figure it’ll recharge my batteries and I’ll walk the same distance I would usually run, so I’ll burn the same amount of calories.

Blergh, I already had my pre-workout snack (peanut butter on wheat, again—I had to use a heel of the bread, oh the horror), so I guess I should hit ye olde torture chamber before breakfast rolls around and I’m hungry before having even worked out.


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