Rediscovering Intuition: Day 11 of the Final Diet

So, blog reader(s?), you may have read the title of this post and said, “WHOAH. Day 11 of the Final Diet? Where are the first 10 days?” Well, fear not, because chances are, whatever I ate during the first 10 days of my diet are pretty much exactly the same as what I’m eating today … so … you’re not missing much.

Yes, unfortunately, as a college student, my funds and consequently the variety of my diet are somewhat limited. For the most part, I don’t mind so long as I’m enjoying what I’m eating, but every few weeks I find I need to switch to a new food for a certain meal; otherwise, I get so bored I fall off the wagon. Now, I know “they” say that variety makes for failure in the dieting realm, but honestly, if you can’t learn to integrate new foods into your everyday life every once in awhile while you’re dieting, chances are you won’t be able to do so successfully once you’ve lost the weight and you’ll be S.O.L., anyway.

But, I digress. So, the moral of this story is that I won’t post the details of what I eat every day, as I highly doubt that everyone wants to hear about the same roast beef sandwich Sunday through Saturday, but I will relate my daily diet every so often so you can get an idea of what works for me and, consequently, maybe get an idea of what may work for you. Also, originally this was supposed to be a picture-oriented post, but … I don’t know how to move photos from my phone to my computer, as I am technologically illiterate. I’m hoping to get my hands on a digital camera sometime soon (as I would like one for photography-related hobbies), but until then you’ll just have to use your imaginaaaaation and visualize what I ate.

Pre-Workout Snack (7 a.m.): 8 grams of peanut butter on a slice of Pepperidge Farm Light Wheat with Extra Fiber (90 calories); Green Tea

In an effort to save calories for the rest of the day, I never used to eat a pre-work out snack. But, as I’ve begun increasing the length of my workouts, I’ve found I really need one to get my through sessions, sometimes. I used to just have some fruit or juice so I wasn’t running entirely on empty (90% of the time, I excercise right after I get up/first thing in the morning—otherwise, the fact that I still need to do so hangs over my head for the rest of the day), but I recently decided to integrate a little bit of peanut butter into my diet every day; sometimes, my low-cal eating habits result in my not getting enough fat in my diet, and my weight loss tends to stall when that happens. Thus, daily peanut butter.

Breakfast (9 a.m.): 58 grams of Special K Protein Plus and 26 grams of Frosted Strawberry Mini-Wheats with 2 oz. of milk (310 calories); Green Tea

Special K Protein Plus is just about the only cereal I’ll eat for breakfast/snacks. I’m very much a proponent of a high-protein breakfast, particularly since—for me—that meal falls right after my workout and thus its a vital part of the refueling process. It has 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per 100 calorie, 28 gram serving, which is the best bang-for-your-calorie cereal, protein-wise, that I’ve found thus far. This morning, I had some spare calories for the day (I always plan my diet for the day as best I can at the beginning of the day. That way, I know if I have any bonus calories for extra snacks/food), so I threw some Mini-Wheats into the mix. I love the taste of these things; they taste as though someone took essence of Crunch Berries and dusted them on frosted Mini-Wheats. Mad delicious. Also, I always have a cup of green tea with breakfast and, as you may have noticed, with my pre-workout snack on occasion. Good for you stuff.

Lunch (Noon): 1 oz. of roast beef, 1/2 a slice of American cheese and 8 grams of Light Miracle Whip on two slices of P.F.L.W.E.F.; 1/2 an apple (30 calories)

I try not to eat before three hours have passed since my last meal, and luckily my breakfast held me over until 11:30 a.m. today. So, when I got out of class at noon, I wasn’t hella hungry for lunch.

As a general rule, I tend to avoid lunch meats, but my school’s convenience store carries a nice brand of organic roast beef (Applegate Farms) that doesn’t contain growth hormones or nitrates, so I eat it sans guilt. As you’ve probably ventured to guess by now, I’m a big fan of the wheat bread; it’s the best tasting light bread I’ve come across thus far (with the exception of the Pepperidge Farm 100 calorie bread that only appeared on the market for a few months—it was very tasty and only 50 calories per slice), and isn’t airy like a lot of other light breads are.

Snack (1 p.m.): King Size package of Reese’s Sticks (420 calories)

Ugh, unfortunately, my lunch didn’t hold me very well and I was peckish at one (I think when I can eat more calories per day and I’m maintaining my weight, the first meal I’ll bulk up is my lunch—it almost never holds me until my designated snack time). So, on my way to my Contemporary World in Print class, I dropped by the school’s c-store for a snack. I was hella craving something sweet, and since I had all my bonus calories again for the week, I decided to indulge. I didn’t actually want a king size, but for some reason the only size candy bar—and this goes for all varieties—that my school carries is king size. Lol wut? It’s a little ridiculous considering that so many students are trying to stave off pounds, but, whatever. I had good intentions of saving half for later, but I ended up eating the whole thing during class. It hit the spot, though, so it was well worth it.

If you’ve never had Reese’s Sticks, they’re quite tasty; they’re not as a dense as cups, but they still have a strong peanut butter taste and the chocolate is of the genuine variety rather than the mockolate kind (if you haven’t heard of the switch by certain candies from legitimate chocolate to mockolate, you can read about it here: As a general rule, I don’t really eat Nestle’s chocolate anymore as the company uses primarily mockolate, which just isn’t that good. And, when I indulge I want my treat to … well … taste good.) The texture is a like a regular cup combined with a slightly airier version of the wafers found in Kit Kats.

Snack (3 p.m.): Tuna on two slices of P.F.L.W.E.F. (150 calories); 1/2 apple (30 calories)

I’d actually like to have a whole apple rather than a half of one with my meals, but seeing as how my school charges a $1.06 per apple, I have to scrimp a little bit on the fruit front. But, I love tuna as a snack; it’s cheap calorie-wise and hearty nutritionally, and if I have it as an afternoon snack in sandwich form or with crackers it usually holds me over until dinner.

Dinner (6 p.m.): 1 can (14.75 ounces) of Spaghettios with Meatballs (480 calories)

O.K., usually my dinner isn’t this junky, but I need to go grocery shopping and I had the can of Spaghettios hanging around. Also, it’s not terriblenutritionally; although the sodium is a little high (1,200 mg. per can—yeesh), it has a good amount of protein and 30% of my daily calcium needs. Not too shabby.

Snack (8 p.m.): Chobani Pomegranate 0% Greek Yogurt (140 calories); 16 grams of almonds (100 calories)

Greek Yogurt is just about the only kind of yogurt I’ll eat, now, so long it’s the low fat variety; the regular can run a little high in the calorie department, but the lower fat kinds pack a lot of protein into a low-cal serving. A 6 oz. serving of Chobani 0% yogurt, for instance, has 14 grams of protein per serving. I really love their peach variety, but the new pomegranate flavor has caught my fancy lately. But, while the flavor itself is great, I could do without the pomegranate seeds in the yogurt; they’re kind of crunchy/crispy, but maybe this is the texture pomegranate seeds are supposed to have (I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had fresh pomegranate). Regardless, it’s not my favorite yogurt mix-in, but the taste of the actual yogurt is a nice combination of sweet, tart and fresh (is fresh a taste?).

I think I’ll have to find an after-dinner snack, though; all I’ve had for the last few weeks is yogurt and almonds, and while I still enjoy the sweet-salty deal they provide, I’m getting a little burnt out; I just ate my snack, and while I’m not hungry I want to nosh somethin’ fierce. I may have to break out the oatmeal.

What’s your favorite snack?

I’m so glad tomorrow’s Saturday! I think I may go see a movie in town before I hit the grocery store. A nice, relaxing day.


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