Chobani Giveaway! Not here, though. We’re not that fancy.

If you head over to, you’ll find that Josie is currently holding a Chobani Yogurt giveaway (I feel so relevant that I blogged about Chobani yogurt last night, I’m so food-hip). All you have to do to enter is write a comment on this entry, and you’re in the running! No offense, but I hope I win. I need free yogurt more than you do.

… What?

My workout ended up not being hella terrible, and I’m glad I put in the effort; I always feel excessively pleased with myself after I excercise. And, come on, how often do you go to the gym and regret it?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been boosting my endurance with the Women’s Health “Running for Weight Loss” program. Back in high school, I was an avid runner, but I fell out of the habit after I gained the freshman 15 in college. And, even after I lost the weight, I didn’t pick up running again. Recently, I realized I missed being a runner, so I started the WH’s plan and it’s been working marvelously—I started with the run-walk program and have worked my way up to the running program. I’m on week six, so my workout today looked like this (I ran on a treadmill):

Warm-up (The program doesn’t include one, so I tack on my own)

1.5 minutes at 3 mph

1.5 minutes at 3.5 mph

2 minutes at 4 mph

Endurance Portion

10 minutes at 5 mph

10 minutes at 5.5 mph

Interval Portion – Repeated 7 times

3 minutes at 6 mph

1 minute at 7 mph

1 minute at 4 mph


2 minutes at 4 mph

1.5 minutes at 3.5 mph

1.5 minutes at 3 mph

Total Time: 65 minutes

Distance: 5.73 miles

Yeaaaaaaaah. The only this is, I’m almost done with this program and I have no idea where to go after this.

Well, I have choked down my lunch (another roast beef sandwich—mmm, lack of variety) and I believe the weather is as pleasant right now as it is going to get today, so I believe I will make my way to the grocery store.

Damn you, school convenience store for not carrying my bread of choice! I will remember this offense.


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