Weigh-In Day: End of Week One

Ah, yes … ’tis time to see how much of those extra Moonpies I consumed this week are still clinging to my ass.

Weigh-in Day. ‘Sup, you bitch. Gimme the numbers.

Last Week’s Weight: 131.6

This Week’s Weight: 130.3 (!)

Loss/Gain: 1.3 Pounds

Average Daily Caloric Intake: 1845 calories (Yeah, this is why I’m surprised I lost as much as I did; I cheated one day and ate 1,700 more Bonus Calories than I was allotted for the week. Interesting.)


Cardio Week
9/25: 5-mile Walk
9/26: 5.1-mile Run
9/27: 5.75-mile Run
9/28: Yoga
9/29: 3-mile Walk
9/30: 5.2-mile Run
10/1: 6-mile Run

I am very pleased, but at the same time frustrated that I am so closeto my 120s; I know if I don’t screw up this week, I’ll probably be there next Friday, but I haven’t been in my “comfortable weight” range in over a year and I AM JUST SO IMPATIENT, I WANT TO BE THERE NOW. But, I am still pleased. In light of today’s loss, I am also going to tweak my diet plan for the upcoming week, as I now need to lose only a pound a week to be at my goal weight by the end of ze Final Diet (cue “Final Countdown” music, here) and I have suspected for a time that I may need more calories due to my increased fitness level; I am going to give myself 100 calories more per day, but the same amount of bonus calories and I will actually stay within my bonus calorie allowance this week, goddamn. This way, I’ll still be eating fewer calories on average per day than I did last week (1700 calories v. last week’s 1845 calories), but I’ll have a little more to eat each day (which will make a difference as I usually use all my bonus calories on one day, so I end up eating about 2,800 calories one day and 1,400 calories every other day). I’ll be interested to see how my weight changes this week.

However, after today’s weigh-in, I’m wondering if I should nut up and get therapy for my weight-related anxiety. Do I think I’m fat? No, I think I am a sexy lady, thanks. Am I anorexic? Nope. Bulimic? Nope. But do I have touch of dysmorphia, in that I even though I think I look good, I also think I could always look better? Eh … yeah. Also, while it was nice to see 130.3 on the scale this morning, a normal person would not have been as relieved as I was to see that drop. But, I’m also really close to my goal weight, and I’m hoping once I get there and, consequently, eating more calories to maintain my weight, maybe I’ll be a little less crazy. Also, I’m afraid that if I walk into a psychological center, they’ll uncover my abundance of neuroses and I won’t be allowed to legally leave the premises until I’ve been lobotomized.

I’ll post my first “here is what I eat an day” … post at the end of the day to day. OH MY GOODNESS, TWO UPDATES IN ONE DAY I KNOW YOU CAN HARDLY CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT.


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